Episode synopsis:

“As Chloe and Lucifer go on the hunt for a serial killer targeting couples in love, Pierce realizes the case is connected to a murder he previously solved…in 1958. Then, Lucifer becomes upset when Pierce has a change of heart about an important decision.” – Fox

Based on the synopsis purely this episode sounds like it’s going to be an awesome one.

The episode opens to a flashback of Pierce in the 1958’s working on a case, so, I guess he has been doing this cop thing awhile. The Broken Hearts Killer has struck again. Cut back to present day and Pierce is reading the newspaper with the title reading “The Broken Hearts Killer Died In Prison.”

Meanwhile Lucifer watches in on Pierce and Decker as they talk about the concert they went to. Obviously, he is super jealous, even Ella picks up on it.

Pierce is fully embraces the trying to date Decker thing. Decker’s a bit confused but luckily for her Dan rushes in with a new case. A couple found dead holding hands in Griffith park, the same M.O. as the Broken Hearts Killer.

Amenadiel has a break down ordering coffee and then he mistakes Charlotte for his actual mother. Things get weird, like really weird.

Lucy and Decker have some alone time at the crime scene for like 2 seconds until Pierce shows up and takes over.

The two victims were drugged unconscious and then had their chests smashed in. Decker and Lucifer conclude that the murderer must be someone who didn’t approve of their relationship. The pair are feeling good about their theory until Pierce asks if anyone had checked the chest cavity yet.

Carl Hoffman the Broken Hearts Killer would make cheating couples swallow their wedding rings. Before he was caught he had killed 7 cheating couples.

This murder could be a copycat or cover up. Robbie the male victim was married.

Maze had some fun at the Decker household. Dan wasn’t really happy walking into it with Trixie. Dan doesn’t want to have to tell Chloe and Maze doesn’t want to tell Chloe about the time they had someone killed. Do I smell blackmail?

Pierce is really making Lucifer jealous especially when he decides to join in on the questioning of Robbie’s wife, Emma. Things hadn’t been going good with those two. Emma slashed Robbie’s tires, through rocks thru his windows and threatened him with the bat. Could murder had been the next step?

Yeah, she’s got a solid alibi. Pierce believes her. Lucifer doesn’t but it can’t be Emma, two more victims were just found.

Two dead in a motel room, one married. Same method of murder as the last two.

Another Pierce flashback!

Pierce has a lead thanks to his flashback. The killer likely scoped out the location so, Pierce checked some security footage from a week before and found a possible suspect, Neil Burger. With a name like that you shouldn’t be killing unless it is by clogging arteries, like hamburgers, get it?

Pierce put an APB out on him and he was just spotted outside the original killer’s house.

Amenadiel goes to talk to Linda about Charlotte, she already knows though and he catches on fast.

We meet Mr. Burger as he argues with the current owner of the Broken Hearts Killer’s house. Neil Burger is a tour guide for the Broken Hearts Killer tour, kind of a bit morbid. The gang goes along for a tour. The tour is held on segways which is pretty great. The gang tries to bait him into incriminating himself, which he does.

The tour brings Pierce to the bar all his flashbacks take place. In the bar he finds the same woman (or someone who looks just like her) whom he would talk to in the 50’s. Probably her daughter or something.

I called it, she’s her granddaughter, Maddie. Kay (the woman from the flashbacks) married Pierce’s partner, Ray who it looks like took all the credit for catching the Broken Hearts Killer.

During questioning it doesn’t really look like Neil is the guy but he does reveal that a cop, McMillan had been selling him pictures and information. So, maybe that’s the guy.

Trixie gave her teacher pot brownies by accident, thanks to Maze. When Dan tells Maze that it’s clear that she is going through something. She says she’s going to move out and then says some mean stuff about Trixie. Obviously, Trixie heard it all and she runs away crying.

No suspects now but Pierce has another lead. His old partner’s case files, Maddie still has them all.

Yet another flashback. Pierce and Kay totally had a thing, so how did she end up with Ray? Pierce broke her heart when he transferred out of town when the Broken Hearts Killer case was solved.

Back in the day all the victims called into an advice radio show. Chance’s Chocolates is the modern-day version of that and it just so happens that both couples murdered had a significant other on the show. The killer has to be some who works on the show.

Pierce and Decker pose as the couple and Lucifer is the one being cheated on. Kind of fitting, isn’t it? The host is sort of a huge dick especially to the intern.

Pierce likes rocks and Decker learns more as they pose as bait. The intern is caught at the scene of the crime. He isn’t the killer but he’s been filming the spouses catching their spouse cheating and posting it online completely unedited. Anyone could watch it and be the killer.

The real killer strikes, gassing the house and knocking out Decker and Pierce. Likely Lucy stops him in the nick of time. And the killer is the owner of the Broken Hearts Killer’s house.

Amenadiel gets caught spying on Charlotte by Charlotte. She wants to know the truth. So, he tells her.

Decker comes home to find that Maze moved out.

Lucifer learned a valuable lesson from the copycat killer and apologizes to Decker, which just pushes Decker closer to Pierce. It’s not looking like Pierce is in it for love.

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