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Broken Veil is a puzzle platformer with horror elements. The players take the role of a young boy in the desperate search for his mother. But in faceless crowds, will he ever find her?

The following game has content surrounding violence and general mature content.

In the dark, behind the seal,

there are things most people try hard to conceal

So be very careful while you search about

Cause those things have their way of coming out

Broken Veil, Official Steam Page

The game takes place in a “post-soviet Russian town”, all seen through the eyes of an alone and frightened child. To add extra realism, the landscape is said to be inspired and based on real places from the time period. These dark, haunting landscapes are teaming with danger, however.

Players must overcome obstacles and puzzles and survive dangers that will come looking for them. In a town of (literally) faceless horrors and obscure monstrosities, players will have to use wit, agility, and reactions to survive.

But not all hope is lost. The boy can find help in the form of furry feline friends that can be guided around with the use of a trusty laser pointer. They can crawl through spaces and reach new heights that the player can’t, but be sure to always thank the cat for its help.

Source: Broken Veil / Official Steam Page

While Broken Veil currently has no official release date, there is currently a demo available through Steam. The demo is free to download and play. You can watch the trailer below:

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