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Fans of the long-running FX show American Horror Story know the very important details of the series that make it so iconic — It was created by Ryan Murphy, the seasons are (so far) unrelated, the show has a handful of reoccurring actors that make up the bulk cast, and of course, every season has its own theme.

In the past, FX has given viewers a lot of notice and time to get hyped for their new season, flashing eerie, vague promos for Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, and Hotel. This year, however, they’ve decided to do something totally different and very exciting. Over the past few weeks, FX has been releasing almost daily promos for the new season, and it’s up to the fans to decipher the confusing and bizarre clips. FX has not released the season 6 theme, and instead has just written 6? on all of their banners and teasers. After the release of the first 6 promos (via Snapchat), fans went crazy trying to piece together the 6 seemingly unrelated clips to discover the new theme. Creator Ryan Murphy then admitted that only one of the promos was the real theme, and the others were created as red herrings. Much to fans’ dismay, these 6 promos were only the first of many to be released, and any one of them could be a fake.

So what will season 6 of American Horror Story be? The promo clips have all been completely different, offering images of crop circles, demon babies, bugs, eyeballs, CGI monsters, 50s horror movie sets, walking scarecrows, and more. What will American Horror Story dream up this time? As it would be assumed, there are already hundreds of fan theories flying around, so let’s break down some of the more popular ones:

Classic Horror Movie Set:
Many people have speculated that the promos each offer something reminiscent of classic, well known horror films, suggesting that season 6 will center around a movie set or something similar. Fans have pointed out similarities between the promos and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rosemary’s Baby, Dracula, Signs, Saw, People Under the Stairs, The Hills Have Eyes, Silence of the Lambs, and so forth. One of the promos is even obviously an old movie with a costume monster and a damsel in distress. With as much evidence as there is to support this idea, as well as the hundreds of Hollywood ghost stories lying around, this is a pretty good theory. However, there are still plenty of promos that don’t exactly fit with this theme. Are these simply faux teasers to throw us off the tracks, or are we overthinking the connection (if one exists) between these promos?

The Colony of Roanoke:
After a handful of set photos from the new season were snatched and released by TMZ, fans actually got a real chance to guess the theme. Photos of the word “CROATOAN” carved into a tree led history-buff fans to guess that this season would be based on the lost American colony of Roanoke. Roanoke was a colony that inhabited America near the time of the pilgrims, but the colony vanished with no explanation, and still no answer to their whereabouts to this day. Some historians believe that the colony was wiped out by surrounding Native American tribes, but the discovery of the word CROATOAN carved into a tree suggests something much more sinister and paranormal. It is believed that this was a magical spell of sorts to rid demons of the colony, but of course, there has been no way to prove this theory. They even told the story of Roanoke in the first season! As it turns out, one of the promos did include black figures with bright yellow eyes that looked very much like pilgrims. Creepy, right?

Demon Child: 

One of the first promos that was released was of a crib with a mobile made of knives and an eerie lullaby, finally revealing the hand of an unearthly monster reaching from the crib. This, plus the number of the season, 6, generally associated with the Devil and demons, have led many fans to believe that the new season will be based on some sort of antichrist, or perhaps a cult of sort. This theory sounds convincing, however I doubt they would repeat something they’ve already done. For one, in the very first season the main character was impregnated with a demon child. It is possible that this child is the center for the new season, but I personally think that Murphy and his team will come up with something more creative.


This is definitely a popular theory, purely because there have been so many promos featuring crop circles and farmhouses and monsters that are certainly not from this planet. Personally, I don’t believe in this theory quite as much for the same reason as I dispel the demon child theory — they’ve already done it. Though the alien plot in Asylum was ambiguous and strange, there were indeed aliens in it. And frankly, they played a critical role in the stories of a least a few characters. Now, my opinion on the use of aliens in this particular season is another story, but the point is that I would surprised if they did it again. Plus, they said only 1 of the promos was the real one, but there have multiple alien themed teasers. It’s not entirely clear if Murphy meant only one of the six promos released at the time was real, or one out of ALL the promos, but if he meant one out of them, the alien theme wouldn’t work. Still, we can’t count out this theory.

Something Completely Different:
At this point, there are so many promos, and new ones are coming out by the hour. It’s entirely possible that none of the promos depict the true season 6 theme. Otherwise, the real promo is being overshadowed by some of the more detailed ones. Either way, fans know that American Horror Story loves to shock and throw twists, and while there is a lot of fun in theorizing and analyzing these promos, I wouldn’t be surprised if the theme of season 6 turned out to be something we never saw coming.

What do you think the theme of the new season will be? Let us know in the comments!