Hey everyone! This week I decided to break out of my comfort zone by playing something Marvel-related. Being such a big DC fan, I rarely opt to play Marvel video games, though, as an avid superhero fan in general, I love seeing the films. So strap in, because this week I got to check out The Amazing Spiderman: The video game!

This game takes place a couple of months after the first movie, and opens with Gwen Stacy sneaking Peter Parker into Oscorp. She reveals her worries regarding Dr. Curt Conners’, A.K.A The Lizard’s, studies regarding Cross Species. Her suspicions come to fruition when Oscorp’s new director, Alistair Smythe, reveals an entire wing dedicated to the study and creation of Cross-Species creatures. however, this new strand of species is infectious, and can affect and alter a regular human’s DNA. After wildly reacting to Peter’s own Cross-Species DNA, many of the creatures escape. Not only do they infect Smythe, but they also get to Gwen Stacy, and so Peter is forced to lock them both in quarantine. Smythe activates a a sort of failsafe, and by that I mean: Unleashes an army of robots that can detect Cross-Species DNA with the intent to destroy it…and yes, that does include Spiderman. Unsure of what to do, Spiderman breaks a very tame Curt Connors out of a psychiatric hospital/Asylum after begging for his help on saving the city from the creatures. Connors agrees, on the condition that he is returned to his cell after everything is said and done.

Once the first usable cure is synthesized, Spiderman delivers it to the Quarantine, and Smythe volunteers to go first. Unfortunately, the cure is unstable, and it takes away the use of his legs. Driven mad by this loss, and probably part of the effects of the cure, he programs his robots and nanobots to attack Peter. So, with robots and cross-species creatures after him, Spiderman has to use Curt Connors’ help to find a way to save Gwen Stacy, the infected civilians of New York City, and dispose of the cross-species before they completely escape into the world. Interestingly enough, you’ll get to meet a slew of other Spiderman-universe characters, like The Rhino and Blackcat.

Keep in mind this game takes place after the first of the Andrew Garfield-Spiderman-Era. Not the Tobey Maguire era, where they made him do super weird and awkward things.

Taking away my completely biased love of DC everything, I have to say…I REALLY enjoyed this game. Just webslingin’ around the city had me entertained for hours, which is impressive considering I have the attention span of a toddler. I also thoroughly enjoyed the use of the spider-senses, and…(forgive me Marvel gods., and by Marvel gods I mean Jesse The Clairvoyant, one of TGON’s finest Marvel know-it-alls. ) it was relatively reminiscent of Batman’s 6th sense style fighting in the Arkham games. This game is available for play on: Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. I’m rating it at 4 out of 5 glasses. Thanks for reading, and tune in next week for another TGON Plays!