Disney capitalizes on marketable princesses and hype, so when a film doesn’t necessarily include these, the film gets less attention and a smaller fanbase: here are some of the best, most underrated Disney films.


Ask anyone who their favorite Disney princess is and we can almost guarantee it won’t be this canoe-driving trailblazer, which is a little sad, but that’s why it made the list! Pocahontas is full of beautiful metaphors for life and love, and also features gorgeous graphics that beautifully capture the American wilderness.

Atlantis: A Lost Empire

It’s the one you don’t remember anything about; let us refresh your memory: Milo Thatch, mocked linguist and cartographer, follows in his grandfather’s footsteps to find the fabled city of Atlantis. He sets off with diverse a team of experts, who, together, have a group dynamic that’s absolutely hilarious to watch. It’s a story wherein the scrawny geek is the hero; and we love that!


Hercules features the most underrated and dynamic Disney female character of all time, Megara. It also Displays Disney at their cheekiest; between Pegasus, Phil, Hades and Meg, every other line of the film is sarcastic and dripping with sass. It has nothing to do with the original myth, but hey, it’s entertaining!

Mulan II

Mulan and Shang are living their happily ever after when they are called in to transport three princesses on a long journey to safety. Sequels to well-loved classics like Mulan are often overlooked for fear of being a half-assed money grab – But Mulan II actually continues her story in an authentic way.

Lilo and Stitch

This film is tons of fun between the killer soundtrack and Stitch’s unbelievable antics. The quirky characters distract from the graveness of Lilo and Nani’s situation; a very well-balanced and entertaining story.

Article Submitted by Rachel Hill – Tucker