Source: Mr. Robot // USA Network

This week on Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail gave us a look into Elliott’s head, and I’m not going to lie, it was overwhelming! I almost feel unqualified to recap this episode, because there’s no way I can digest everything it had to offer, yet it was without a doubt, the best episode of the season. Honestly, each week tops the last.

Following on the heels of last week’s explosive ending, Elliott spent much of the episode unconscious after being beaten by Ray’s associates. And what does Elliot see when he’s lying unconscious, on the verge of death? He sees his life through the lense of a 90’s sitcom. One that is eerily reminiscent of a demented Full House episode, complete with a laugh track and ALF! (Full disclosure, I’m old enough to have watched AND LOVED Alf as a child. And frankly, I squealed when he popped up. But Elliott? He’s in his early to mid 20’s? How does he even know who Alf is???) Elliott’s dream gives us a bit of insight into the ongoing story of Mr. Robot – his mother is abusive, the family makes light of Elliott’s anxiety, and in a very strange turn, Tyrell is trapped in the trunk of the family’s car. (A hint at Tyrell’s fate perhaps).

In the “real world” we see that Elliott is being held captive by Ray. After beating him yet again, Ray dumps him in what looks like an old abandoned warehouse. As Elliott blacks out yet again, he has a sweet yet eerie conversation with Mr. Robot. Who, it seems, appears when Elliott is at his worst. Claims Mr. Robot – he appears and takes the blows for Elliott to spare him.

Elsewhere, Darlene and Angela continue to scheme to hack the FBI, and Angela might be in over her head. She agrees to install a router at the FBI’s Evil Corp headquarters when most of the federal agents are away on their lunch break, but she immediately runs into hiccups. First she is interrogated by an agent who is essentially hitting on her, but starts to ask question when she brushes off his advances. While she evades him and is able to install the router and get out before she’s caught, the router fails almost immediately. Darlene begs her to go back in and get the router running again, but it’s a bit too late. While Angela works on the re-boot, FBI agent Dom arrives, and the scene ends leaving us in suspense.


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