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Sunday of San Diego Comic Con 2016 included a panel featuring Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Amanda Abbington.

Amidst a number of rather vague (true Moffat-fashion) remarks and hints about the upcoming season of the show, the biggest reveal of the panel was the release of the first teaser trailer for Season 4.

That’s right, we finally have a trailer. And it’s amazing. Check it out here:

(Okay, stay calm. Breathe in. Breathe out. Or just freak out. I won’t judge; I did the same.)

Also revealed at the panel were three names that are said to be relevant in Season 4. “Thatcher,” “Smith,” and “Sherrinford.”


Source: BBC

Mysterious, as usual.

Want another fun fact? The dog (featured in the first promo image of Season 4, above) apparently was a rough cast member to work with. While it was supposed to be guiding Sherlock around the city and such, this dog seemed to be terrified of, well, everything around it and “wouldn’t fucking move,” according to Cumberbatch.

And of course, what Sherlock panel wouldn’t be complete without a vague-but-joking-but-also-not-really-funny remark from Steven Moffat? When asked about the future of the show (as in, more seasons please?), he responded with “Why is everybody assuming they survive season 4?” Yeah, real funny, Moff…

What are your thoughts on the new trailer and mysterious Season 4 reveals/clues? While we still don’t have a release date other than “2017,″ it’s great to finally hear some new info about the upcoming season, straight from the showrunners and cast.

Until next time, Sherlockians, here’s a pro-tip: just keep clicking replay on the new trailer.