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After seeing this post, and the show fully debunking the popular theory that Rose Quartz might be Pink Diamond (Even tho she is a quartz and obviously not a diamond, but I blame this image from the “Do It For Her”  performance for misleading people that “diamond” might relate to rank and not gem):

Source: Cartoon Network Steven Universe

TGON wanted to chime in with our own theory as to what Lion might be–so here it is:

Lion could be a corrupt Pink Diamond that Rose attempted to heal. We refuse to believe that Rose would shatter Pink Diamond, and the reveal coming 3 episodes after Bismuth revealing Rose locked her away for even suggesting shattering lends itself to this theory.  

So lets explore the facts that lead us to this conclusion:

1) Lion shares the hair silhouette seen in the pink diamond mural (the post that sparked the theory).

2) Lion is a VERY powerful gem creature.  We haven’t seen any of the Crystal Gems or their enemies able to rip open portals the way Lion can.

Source: Cartoon Network Steven Universe

3) The only other gem creatures we’ve seen without the ability to talk were corrupted gems.  And we’ve seen that Steven has the ability to tame them.

cenitpeedle steven universe
Source: Cartoon Network Steven Universe

4)  Peridot said the Diamonds were “flawless” (Tho we call BS on that because that would be Cubic Zirconia), but they likely have a stronger constitution and would be affected by corruption differently, if they can even be corrupted and not just limited to a lesser form.

5) Working against us, we haven’t seen a gem on Lion, but it has all the qualities of a gem.  We speculate the gem is hidden in its main.  But lets check out this Pearl reminiscent sword summon just for kicks,

pink lion steven universe
Source: Cartoon Network Steven Universe

steven and connie steven universe
Source: Cartoon Network Steven Universe

It is fun to speculate, even if the theory is wrong–and honestly that is what makes the final reveal that much more exciting!  Share your theories with us, and don’t be afraid to disagree!


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