It’s fast approaching con season in Northern California and here is a list of some of the things I’m looking forward to at Heroes and Villains fan fest later this month.

Art! So much creative and amazing art that you don’t know where to look and who to talk to. You will see artists that have had work published in numerous comics, you will see cartoon art, sketch art, big head, color art. I have no artistic ability so I am always amazed and appreciative to get some new exciting art to put in my office and or in my room.



Time for me to break this out and update the Riddler costume. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds​

I am a total rookie compared to most cosplayers but I do enjoy it. It has a great community and respect between cosplayers and the creativity that people have is top notch. People enjoy taking pictures and seeing their favorite characters come to life in front of them. It is always fun to count how many of the popular cosplays are made, and to make some bets with friends ahead of time of what you will see the most of. This year more Deadpool, Joker or Harley’s?

Funko Pop vendors. I, and a number of people are interested in Funko Pops, Fugitive Toys is near and usually makes an appearance. It is always fun to be on a hunt to find a great deal, a rare exclusive and items you have been after in general or for sets. As of right now I don’t know what I’ll be hunting for as it is ever changing.

Panels, and panels and more panels! Autograph and photograph possibilities! I can say that of all the events I went to last year, the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest had the best panels. The setup was nice, the seating was organized, the stories from the stars were fun and engaging, and they were very candid in a lot of their responses to questions(within reason to what is allowed).

I have not went to get a picture or autograph from any of the stars the past year, but you will see stars like Stephen Amell also known as Oliver Queen/Arrow on Arrow. John Barrowman who plays Malcolm Merlyn, he is so amazingly talented and is such a great fun guy, he has so much fun and is a joker, he would be a pleasure to talk with.

Katrina Law is only there on Sunday and I won’t get a chance to see her, but you can see Caity Lotz who plays, now, White Canary on Legends of Tomorrow. She is such a great talented actress and seems so down to earth. Walking Dead fans can see Chandler Riggs(Carl) and Michael Rooker(Merle), MIchael Rooker was around last year and is amazing.

Their will be a number of other actors, actresses and artists to see, way more than one can truly see in one day. If you haven’t been to a con event, even a smaller one in your home town you need to.

If you see a RIddler while at the event, don’t be afraid to come up and say hello, I would love to meet some fans and I can say that I will not be the only contributor at the event.