I watched 24 from the season where Jack was captured by the Chinese until the end, or almost the end, I’m not sure actually. All I know is that Chloe the computer genius was my favourite character. She was sassy, smart, and basically the only person focused on actually saving the world from terrorists.

This was all I knew about Mary Lynn, I had no idea she was an excellent standup comic until I started seeing her on episodes of Chris Hardwick’s @midnight. All this to say, that when they announced she was bringing her one woman show to the Just For Laughs festival before she heads to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I jumped on a chance to get a ticket. #ThankYouJFLPressPass

Mary Lynn spends the entire show telling us the story of a wild twenty four hours in her life. She stops to give backstory and comment on the absurdity of whatever had just happened to her at that point in the story. There was a moment where she talked about her yoga teacher having a man-bun & I giggled from the front row and we bantered for a split second about how shitty man-buns are, except on Hosier, who she then threw up a picture of.

She makes excellent use of the stage, getting down and acting out what she’s talking about. Rajskub also tells the story with a great deadpan resting bitch face, adding to the hilarity of the mini horse she bought and the moms at her sons school and her fight with her husband in the emergency room. The comedy is smart, just self-deprecating enough to get you on her side and crazy enough to keep everyone engaged in this twenty-four hour story!

I would tell you to get your priorities straight and run to a box office for this show, but you might have to buy a plane ticket to Edinburgh or wait ‘till she makes her way to Broadway in the next year – which I’m assuming she will!