If you like online casino gambling and you like comics, you will probably like the comic story “The Gambler”.

The first Gambler character was Steven Sharpe III.  Steven came from a long line of compulsive gamblers.  When he proposed to his girlfriend, Helen, she refused his marriage proposal unless he could prove that he was not a compulsive gambler like his grandfather.

Ironically, Helen than ran off with a “Pool Hall” Charlie, another gambler who had just won a fortune on the lottery. So much for her not wanting to marry a gambler.  So much for her moral high ground. When money talks, her values walked.

Sharpe vowed to become a new person.  As luck would have it, an armored truck crashed a few feet away from him.  Sharpe helped himself to all of the money. He vowed to take whatever he could from life from that day on.

In other words, he took the same approach that a majority of people take when winning the lottery.  They not only spend all of the money they earned from the lottery, but even more, and then end up in a worse financial position than they did before they won the lottery.

Back to our story.  Sharpe adopted the word Gambler in remembrance of his grandfather, and I am sure to snub his ex-girlfriend.  

For the next few years, the Gambler joined a traveling carnival, where he gained skills with disguises, pistols, and throwing knives.  All wonderful life skills to have. Any mother would be proud. Sharpe was so skilled at disguises, that he forgot what his original appearance was.  The typical reaction by somebody who does not like who they are and wants to pretend to be something else.  

And then what happened?

With this well-rounded skill set, Sharpe did what anybody with this skill set would do.  He became a professional criminal. Suprise, Suprise. He started his criminal career by robbing trains and small-town banks.  He was a costumed criminal with a cult following. Talk about stroking the ego.

Growing bored, as most criminals do, he moved East to “the Big City”.   Guess his cult following in a small town was not good enough. Crime is like an addictive drug.  You need a greater and greater amount to satisfy your addiction.

Which big city did this new criminal decide to settle in?  Gotham City, of course. It is the New York City of the comic book world.  It is the home to Batman and the Green Lantern.  

Now, this ego-maniac criminal could not just be satisfied with just being a criminal.  He had to rub it into everybody’s face. This involved hanging out in post offices next to his own wanted poster.  Police could not arrest him, but everybody knew what he was doing.

But he did manage to piss off the good guys.  Alan Scott, the Green Lantern decided to take on this masked criminal.  He caught up with the Gambler twice but was thwarted by the Gambler’s secret weapon.

And what was the Gambler’s secret weapon?  Pistols of course. But not just any pistols.  These were special pistols that could fire not only regular bullets but bullets that could fire ammonia gas or blackout gas as well.  

But why does everybody call him the Gambler?  Besides his grandfather being a gambler, nothing that the Gambler has done has been related to gambling.

That all changes at a horse race when the Gambler provoked the horses to stampede into the crowds to cover his escape.  

But when this comic book was written in 1944, the good guys still had to win.  The Gambler himself was apprehended and sent to Gotham State Penitentiary.


But now, if the bad guy is in jail and stays there, there are no more comics to sell. So, of course, the Gambler escapes in 1946, two years later.  He can’t just escape and live life, as he originally said that he wanted to do. He wrote a note to the Green Lantern telling him that he was going to escape.  

Now being the master of disguises, the Gambler makes the Green Lantern believe that he is the Green Lantern’s best friend, and the Green Lantern just lets the Gambler out of jail and somehow frees the other inmates in the prison.  

The love-hate relationship between the Green Lantern and the Gambler does on for many years — as most criminal-hero relationships do.  

Anyway, at one time, the Gambler wins a gambling vessel and arms it to the teeth.  

The Gambler was one of the original members of the Injustice Society.  The Injustice Society’s goal was to kill the Justice Society and control the United States using an army of escaped convicts.  The Injustice Society failed and the Gambler was returned to jail.


But as with most comic book criminals, jail does not last and the Gambler escapes again.  

Okay, as a fan of Gambling?  Where is the gambling in this story.

Ah, now we get to it.  The Gambler married and had a son and two grandchildren.  And the criminal business soon became the family business.  And where did this criminal family venture off to? Las Vega, of course.  Finally, now we are getting to the gambling part.

The Gambler fell in love with gambling in the Taj Mahal Casino.  Classy. What the Gambler did not know was that the gambling games in this casino were rigged.  Uh oh, a criminal mob robbing from another criminal mob is a bad idea.

The Gambler committed suicide. 


The grandchildren decided to avenge their grandfather’s death.  His granddaughter became the villain Hazard, and his grandson became Steven V, the second Gambler.

As a fan of gambling, besides the character being called “the Gambler”, this comic book story is a letdown.  He died by committing suicide! I was hoping for a high noon shootout between the two mob families.

Maybe the Steve Sharpe V stories (the second Gambler) will be better.