It has been recently announced that Tom Felton will be joining the cast of The CW’s The Flash as a series regular this upcoming season. We can already hear Cisco saying “Has anybody ever told you that you look JUST like Draco Malfoy?”

Felton is set to play Julian Dorn, who works alongside Barry at the CCPD as a forensic scientist. Dorn has had his suspicions about Barry’s comings and goings, but hasn’t yet reached the conclusion that Barry is the scarlet speedster.

Frustrating, but ultimately not unexpected, is that Julian Dorn has no comic book equivalent that fans can track. Like the Timewraiths of last season, he is a product of the show’s writing team, as far as we know.

The possibility is very real, however, that Dorn is a pseudonym for a familiar character from the featured Flashpoint universe. Nobody would hire Tom Felton to play a minor role, so this hypothesis is reasonable. Given the fact that there are literally hundreds of villains involved in Flashpoint, this doesn’t narrow the search down.


Source: DC Comics

Although, it is worth noting that, as of the most recent finale, Rogues, the alliance of our hero’s foes was formally announced under Captain Cold. As of right now, there is one character unaccounted for from Rogue. Mirror Master, who is, at least in one incarnation, a Scottish mercenary with a pretty bleak childhood, who like to do his dirty work at night. Mirror Master’s UK origins could explain Tom Felton’s casting, while Julian Dorn’s CSI day job seems a natural choice for a character with who’s familiar with death.

But it’s just too early to say at this point.

Article Submitted by Rachel Hill