I like to look brooding. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

The season ends in a way how last season ended. Arrow is a super hero by himself, but instead of leaving his team behind, this season ends with his team leaving him by himself.

This season was all over the place, luckily, like my last review, I am happy with how this one ended. This season took a lot of characters out of the game, they very quietly removed the Suicide Squad from the show as they did not want to have it conflict with the new movie coming out. Losing that many characters and potential story branches hurt. The show also lost Laurel, AKA the Black Canary, which i personally was not upset with, I can never seem to get behind Laurel. Lastly we see Andy and seemingly Damian Dark. When you look at it that is a pretty substantial group of characters. This leaves a void for a major villain going forward.

I don’t know why, maybe because I didn’t know Dark’s back story that well before the show, or I just have never been into magic, but I never took Dark and his group HIVE that seriously for most of the season. I guess the same could be said for Team Arrow, as Dark was able to kill off one of the team in Laurel during the jail escape. Laurel’s death was from a writing standpoint a good thing, it was important to be reminded that even though it for the most parts seems easy for Arrows team that they can lose their lives at any time. In addition to that Laurel’s death helps two other shows in the DC universe.

Dark’s involvement this season helps some things going forward like introducing John Constantine and magic to the show. I look forward to new danger and bad guys next season, we have been getting closer to potentially seeing Mr. Terrific, and we can see Arsenal easily coming back to the show next season as they need to do something. When the season closed after disposing of Dark, we saw Speedy and John Diggle depart from the Team Arrow leaving Arrow and former fiance Felicity, AKA Overwatch to look over the city by themselves which is seemingly an impossible task.

I am curious to see how far the Mayor angle will muddle things up for the night time crime fighting scene. It appears that as currently constructed, Oliver has way more on his plate from wearing two hates then reasonably possible to excel at both. I have not been very into the Mayor angle and political side of the show but it’s obvious to get the most out of the season I’ll need to learn to be.