From the very beginning, Season 2 of The Flash was faced with the monstrous task of living up to last Season’s legacy. The good news is, it didn’t disappoint.

The season picks up several months after the events of “Fast Enough”, and the fall of The Reverse-Flash. Team Flash (Caitlin, Cisco, Joe, and now Iris) have been going about business as usual, while Barry is struggling to come to terms with the meaning of heroism.

Throughout the whole season, Barry is plagued with regret for not saving Nora, and it’s the first time we see the Scarlet Speedster in such an extended state of emotional vulnerability. His emotions affect his battles against the malevolent Zoom, this season’s ultimate foe. His insecurities allow more profound and believable relationships to grow between him and the members of Team Flash, especially Joe.

The new season also brought about the rise of the Multiverse, an infinite number of “Earths”, on which everyone has a (sometimes villainous) doppelganger. This was not only one of the coolest aspects of the show’s mythology, but also kept things interesting by producing new villains from Earth2 to challenge The Flash. Many villains come to our team through the Rift connecting the worlds, including Sand Demon (Kett Turton),  Atom-Smasher (Adam Copeland), Linda Park’s double (Malese Jow), and the Dementor-esque Timewraiths. Not to mention, Killer Frost and Reverb, two villains fans have been waiting for.


Source: CW // The Flash

The addition of the Multiverse was also a clever way to re-introduce Tom Cavanaugh to the cast list. His work as Harrison Wells last season made it obvious that the show benefits from his dry and wonderful portrayal of the jerk-but-we-love-him-anyways character. This season he plays Well’s (mostly) benevolent Earth-2 doppelganger and his daughter, the moody and whiny Jessie Quick.



Also newly integrated to the Flash family, Wally West and Jay Garrick. Wally, Joe Wests’ long-lost son, is the centre of the familial turmoil, a major theme this season. While Jay fills the place of the Speedster’s mentor, while trying to stop Zoom.

Costuming and special effects were outstanding, perhaps even more so than last season’s, which means I smell another Emmy on the way…

Overall, the only complaint I can make about this season is that it’s “Big Reveal” is somewhat similar to the previous one. While this still made for good tv, it was less shocking the second time around.

Finally, The Flash Season 2 is well-rounded; full of action, conflict, emotion and an excellent cast. The show accomplished the massive undertaking of living up to its first season. Thankfully, The Flash will return this Fall.

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