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S3E6 Bachmanity Insanity


The show starts with the guys getting drinks. They order one large virgin margarita. As Richard explains that he met a girl at the bar (that definitely wasn’t the bartender) Erlich pulls out a bottle of tequila cups and starts mixing drinks with the virgin margarita. It’s a moment of Erlich’s unexplained quirk. Does he always mix his own margaritas at bars? Only when he’s in a group? Is it because it’s cheaper? Is it because the bar never has his tequila? These are questions that go unanswered. It seems like a throw-away gag, like the horse breeding one a few episodes ago, but it tells more than it seems. These types of jokes pepper this episode, with Dinesh’s blurry flirtations, Richard’s tab-Nazism, and Big Head’s pool moving. This episode of Silicon Valley perfects the joke as a plot-starter.

Dinesh’s Blur-tations


Gilfoyle is relegated to instigator this episode, and here he puts the idea that Dinesh can’t really see the girl he’s been flirting with. That girl is his employee that lives in a different country and the slow packets-or some science-y thing-make it blurry. So he does his thing and improves the video chat to make the slow pizza pockets- or some science-y thing- faster. When they can both see each other, she immediately says she has a boyfriend. I guess she knows why they don’t call Denzel Washington the American Dinesh.

Heil Tabs


Richard hates spaces. Like how the BeyHive hates anyone that may be Becky with the good hair. What seems like just a working quirk turns into the deal breaker in his promising relationship. The girl he met at the bar is actually super sweet, they both have common interests, and she got with his friends (“if you wanna be my lover” y’know?). Then Richard messed it up after trying to pretend that he didn’t mind a person using spaces over tabs. He totally does and during a date where they sat around coding (like who else would have a coding date?!) he flips out and walks out on her. She really dodged a bullet.

Big Head, Big Heart, Can Lose


The main story of the night was Bachmanity. Gavin attempts to sue the tech blog, and the journalist is considering giving up her sweet, dumb, big headed source. This comes to light as Erlich is planning a party for Bachmanity. It’s going to be the biggest party in the valley on Alcatraz. Since it’s on Alcatraz it’s obviously going to be luau themed. While Erlich buys leis, and fixes Big Head’s problem, Big Head is meeting with his financial advisor. Unfortunately for his financial advisor Erilch just bought a blog for 500k (“We practically stole it”), but he did keep the journalist from giving up Big Head. So the party goes on, and the pigs roasting, the techies are not getting laid-they are getting lei-ed, ha?- and Big Head has no money. Which Erlich finds out just as they’re about to unveil Bachmanity. Oh the humanity!

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