I’m not going to lie, y’all…I kind of hate Assassin’s Creed as a whole. Okay, it’s not that I hate it; it’s just that I could never get into it and didn’t understand the hype surrounding it. Keeping that in mind, I absolutely LOVED Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. It’s got action, an open-world gameplay and is basically Far Cry 3, Skyrim, and Pirates of the Caribbean all mashed up into some beautiful game. It follows the story of Edward Kenway, the father and grandfather of Haytham and Connor Kenway, respectively.

A true pirate of the Caribbean, Edward has always felt an unbearable longing for the sea and it’s riches. One night, their ship is attacked by an assassin named Duncan Warpole. Duncan takes out the ship’s captain, but when he goes for Edward, the ship explodes. Both the assassin and the pirate are left stranded on an island but when Edwaard manages to kill Duncan, he finds a note from the Governor of Spain that promises a load of gold for an item the assassin had acquired. Edward dons the outfit of an assassin and travels to Havana to meet the Governor. He begins to earn the trust of the Spaniard, along with his advisors. However, when he tries to free and interrogate a Sage, they discover his secret. The Governor sends Edward on a brigade of slave ships, and when he escapes, he frees the other slaves before capturing a ship for his own. He calls it the JackDaw and from that point on, you can use the ship to plunder other ships and sail from city to city. But Edward can’t let go of the Governor’s plan to use the Templars and why the assassins are so bent on stopping them.

In present time, you play a character working for a company called Abstergo. Initially, they tell you that you’ll be researching Edward’s memories in the hopes to one day bring the stories of real-life pirates to the public, but not all is as it seems. Can Abstergo truly be trusted? This game features true historical figures such as: Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet, Calico Jack, and Benjamin Hornigold. Released in 2013, it was widely loved by gamers. It’s available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U, and Microsoft Windows. As a stand-alone game, it is absolutely amazing. As a game in a series, it has become my absolute favorite. Check it out for yourselves. Thanks for reading!