Have you ever wanted to read a book that incorporates werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein, and a secret government agency bent on ridding the world of evil? Same here, so strap in and get ready – It’s a better love story than Twilight. Department 19, written by Will Hill, tells the story of a government funded agency based in England that has one mission: Rid the world of vampires. It’s centered around the life of a boy named Jamie Carpenter, whose father was executed for selling government secrets. However, when Jamie’s mother is kidnapped by a powerful vampire named Alexandru, Jamie is thrust into the department’s world. He soon learns that not only was this one of the secrets his father betrayed, but that his ancestors were founders of Department 19. Our young hero will have to contend in the field and off, as he fights for his mother’s life, attempts to redeem his soiled family name, and save the world from creatures of the night. What no one realizes, is that Alexandru’s attempt at kidnapping sets of a chain of events so dark, it takes the department to new levels of fear and unfamiliar territory. The story goes back to the simple basics of horror, but it does add a new twist onto Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, who proves to be one of Jamie’s most faithful allies.

The books, in order from first to last in the series, are as follows:

Department 19

Department 19: The Rising

Department 19: Battle Lines

Department 19: Zero Hour

Department 19: Darkest Night

I give it a 4 out of 5 glasses rating, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks for reading!