In case you haven’t heard, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows is out today!

Go check it out because:

There probably will be pizza in it at some point.


Source: Smiletotheshadow Tumblr

Who doesn’t like turtles with nunchucks and awesome fighting skills to save the day and possibly the whole entire world!?



The turtles are all named after famous Renaissance artists. Not only does that sound cool, but you can claim that you are going to see a cultured slash mildly educational movie. (This will come in handy when your parents won’t let you see it!) 😉

It has both Megan Fox and Stephen Amell in it, do I need to say more?


Source: Tumblr

Go see it! And please tell us here at The Game Of Nerds what you think about it?