Details Revealed In Preview of Visual Story Guide



The online book catalog Edelweiss recently published a digital catalog which included a 10-page preview of the book Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: Official Visual Story Guide, a companion guide to the first stand-alone Star Wars Anthology film. While Disney had previously released a teaser trailer (find that here), the preview is the first significant peek at the film, a prequel to Star Wars: A New Hope, slated for December 16, 2016 release. Rogue One will tell the story of Resistance fighters on a mission to steal the Empire’s plans for the Death Star, and will star Felicity Jones and Diego Luna among others. The book is not in its final stages yet, so none of the information is set in stone, but it nonetheless makes for a compelling picture of what’s to come. The book will hit stores in January 2017, a month after the film debuts.

Potential spoilers abound after the cut!

The Guide gives us the best look to date at the characters that will be featured in Rogue One, offering short descriptions:

  • Felicity Jones plays Jyn Erso – a “highly skilled soldier and warrior.”
  • Diego Luna plays Captain Cassian Andor, an officer in the Rebel Alliance.
  • Jiang Wen plays Baze, a “freelance assassin.”
  • Alan Tudyk plays the CGI figure K-250, an “enforcer droid.”
  • Riz Ahmed plays Bodhi, a rebel soldier.
  • Pao is an alien, described as a “fierce warrior.”
  • Donnie Yen plays Chirrut, a “spiritual warrior.”
  • Bistan, another alien, also described as a “fierce warrior”.
  • Ben Mendelsohn plays Director Krennic, the “Director of the Imperial military.”

The preview also hints at a return of Darth Vader in this film, perhaps confirming a rumor that has been around since July 2015. In the leaked images, Vader plays a prominent part in character art. Again, the book is still in draft form, so there is always a possibility that changes will be made, but the concept art (which can be seen here at the German site Jedi Library) is stunning in its detail. Apart from the characters, the art also features ship designs for the TIE Striker and the Rebel Starfighter, a detailed rendering of the Death Star, and sketches of the Enforcer Droid K-250.

Lucasfilm has announced that there will be a Rogue One panel at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in July, featuring director Gareth Edwards and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy among other “special guests.” I anticipate that we will get more official content to hold us over until the film hits theaters in December.

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Photo courtesy of Disney