I was first introduced to The Room a few years ago, watching the clips on youtube. Not knowing the depths that one man went to make this all happen. Not knowing the cult following it had and how it just continues to grow. Not knowing the story behind it…

Until I purchased the book The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero who plays Mark in the movie. Detailing the time he spent with Tommy Wiseau and what went on behind the camera. And, when I found out that James Franco is making a movie based off the book, I lost my mind! Not only because I’m DYING to see it! But, how did a movie from some guy nobody has ever heard of, become so damn huge? And, it wasn’t even an over night success. We’re talking years and years of this movie getting passed around, to be made into a Mocumentary by James Franco?

One of the things Sestero mentioned of what Tommy Wiseau set out to do was to “make the greatest movie ever made.” And, he did. He made the greatest WORST movie ever made…So, whose really laughing now?

The Disaster Artist is set to hit theaters December 1st, 2017. Check out the trailer below: