Last week, I got carried away and watched the entirety of the second season of Kimmy Schmidt. There are some amazing episodes ahead of us, and this season is a strong one. But even strong seasons have their weak episodes, and I must admit that this was one of them. I found that when I sat down to write this re-cap, just days after watching, that I had largely forgotten the episode, and I had to do a re-watch to jog my memory.

This episode largely turns on the relationship between Kimmy and Dong. And while I was really pulling for the couple in season 1, I’m not really feeling it this season. And it turns out that Dong isn’t really feeling it either. While Kimmy pines for him, and spends much of the episode trying to make his green-card marriage to Sonya look real so that Dong can avoid deportation, Dong eventually admits that he’s content with how things are, leaving Kimmy heartbroken. (It’s okay Kimmy! Turn on some Beyonce’ and find yourself a new man! One that isn’t sham-married!)

While Kimmy’s lovelife is in the gutter, Titus’ new relationship with Mikey is going really well. (Side-note: Titus and Mikey are my new favorite TV couple). So well in fact, that Titus can’t stop singing showtunes. Lillian points this out, which makes Titus aware of just how happy he is. But the sudden realization gives him pause, and all the sudden he can’t stop singing… sad showtunes. Thankfully, Lillian helps Titus remember that he needs to enjoy his relationship with Mikey, not dwell on its possible end.

Finally, we also check in with Jacqueline, as she continues to feel the effects of the divorce. In this episode that means that, with no nanny to fall back on, she must spend more time with her very hyperactive son Buckley. Jacqueline literally has no clue how to parent, and takes the advice of her pediatrician, giving Buckley ADHD medication to calm him down. Only the medication turns Buckley into a zombie, and once Jacqueline realizes this, she takes measures to actually bond with her son, instead of medicate him (yes, bonding involves destroying a posh boutique together, but it’s bonding nonetheless).