After a hard-hitting emotional episode last week, the latest episode of Young Sheldon, “A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce”, is more light-hearted. The episode starts out describing how horrible weekends were in Sheldon’s eyes. This weekend was an exception though, he got to do his parent’s taxes and he couldn’t be more excited! While filling out the Cooper Family taxes, Sheldon realizes a check is missing. After questioning his father about the $300 check’s whereabouts, George convinces Sheldon to keep a secret from everyone about the check. As we all know from previous episodes of The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, secrets do not sit well with Sheldon Cooper. He goes to great lengths to keep his father’s secret including hiding from his mother in cabinets. It doesn’t help when his mother is looking in his Potty Journal and realizing he hasn’t pooped due to stress.

The audience finds out that George wrote that check out to MeeMaw. Both are adamant about not letting Mary know about their current situation and resort to blackmailing each other to keep quiet. As the pressure mounts to keep his father’s secret, Sheldon reaches out to Tam for his first sleepover to escape his mom. George tries to give Sheldon ideas how to prank Tam, but he’s not for it at all. In fact, he’s straight up irritated and wants his father to confess. As they arrive at Tam’s house, Sheldon is overloaded by things he does and doesn’t like about the Vietnamese household. For example, he loved the fact that it was custom to take your shoes off at the doorway or washing hands and face before meals. Sheldon did not like Fish Sauce or sharing a wet towel at the table. Tam convinces Sheldon to share his secret to him like Catholics confess their sins. It ends up working, Sheldon is relieved as well as his bowels.


“A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce” – Pictured: Sheldon (Iain Armitage) and Tam (Ryan Phuong). Photo: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. © 2018 WBEI. All rights reserved.

The drama between MeeMaw and George continues, George desperately wants to tell Mary the truth to help Sheldon out. On the other hand, whatever he did at the church picnic is BAD! So bad, he doesn’t want Mary to know at all and resorted to paying MeeMaw $300 to not say anything. When Sheldon returns to George’s car the next day, he tells him that he can’t see his dad as a role model anymore, but he will continue to keep George’s dirty secret. You can tell this hurts George to the core enough to confess what he did to Mary. Turns out there was WAY more to the story than originally thought! MeeMaw apparently got a DWI after having a few too many at the race track, so she had Georgie drive her home. Georgie, as you remember from last week’s episode, doesn’t have his driver’s permit so shouldn’t have been driving MeeMaw at all. When the cop pulled them over, MeeMaw switched with Georgie and was immediately arrested. George, of course, had to go bail everyone out of jail which explains why there was a $300 check missing. All three of them were sent to their rooms until further notice. MeeMaw eventually breaks her promise and calls Mary to tell her that George got drunk at the church picnic and peed in the vegetable garden.

This episode was a great breath of fresh air after such a deep episode last week. It was really great to see George Sr. and MeeMaw’s relationship. The audience is so used to seeing Mary and MeeMaw’s relationship, and this episode was exactly what the audience needed. What was your favorite part of this episode? Let me know in the comments below! Keep checking back at The Game of Nerds for all our Young Sheldon coverage.