Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! I recently went through all of the gaming reviews I’ve done, and I started to notice a bit of a pattern. I rarely, RARELY give love to a game’s DLCs. If you’re unsure what a DLC is, it stands for “Downloadable Content.” DLCs provide extra storylines/side stories, costumes, skin packs, and in some cases, new maps to explore and conquer. In this little segment, we’re going to explore two of the Batman: Arkham Knight DLCS, both of which I’ve grown to love immensely.

To start, there’s a Harley Quinn DLC that has been described as “Painfully short” by some. While it’s got a lot of cool features that we’ll delve into, I have to agree. It’s an interesting concept, and they did amazing with what they gave us, but it also left us wanting more. I can only hope that they give us a more in-depth version further down the line. The Harley Quinn DLC takes place pre-Scarecrow takeover. His plans are just beginning and he need to gather the villains in order to make his rise in Gotham work. He sends Harley into a Bludhaven Police-ridden building, where they’re holding Poison Ivy for transfer. Penguin is over Harley’s communications systems, directing her and yelling at her. You quickly go through a few levels of guards to rescue Ivy, and that’s basically the end of the DLC. What’s fun about it is the fact that Harley has her own “detective mode” that allows her to see the guards through walls, however she’s not a quiet person and can’t handle stealth takedowns. So any time you get rid of a guard, you have to quickly move on before the others find you.

Like I said, it’s fun but we could DEFINITELY get used to seeing more of her as the main character. Moving on, the second DLC is called “A matter of Family.” This DLC is particularly interesting, because you mainly play as Barbara Gordon. More aptly, you get to play as Batgirl. If you’ve followed the Batman: Arkham series, then you know that Barbara Gordon has been Oracle since Batman and Joker’s showdown in Arkham Asylum. She’s been stuck in a wheel chair, unable to fight alongside Robin and Batman and having to assist from the sidelines. This DLC has Barbara smack in the middle of an abandoned theme park. Joker has kidnapped her father, Commissioner Gordon, and has told Batgirl that if he sees even a hint of Batman’s presence, he’ll murder the Commissioner in the worst of ways. So she teams up with Robin to take down the Clown Prince, who hints that this is a trap to get rid of the side kicks. The DLC teases at Batgirl and Robin’s impending romance and brings back a nostalgic feeling from Arkham Asylum.

Keep in mind as well that these DLCs cost a bit of money, but should you want to purchase any, they’re available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Be sure to keep an eye out as well, because rumor has it that Batman: Arkham Knight’s predecessors, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, are to be remastered and converted to the New Generation consoles. No word yet if Arkham Origins will be in the series, but as I said this is just a rumor. That’s all I’ve got for this week, tune in next week for another TGON Plays! Thanks for reading!