Hey Gothamites! Unfortunately, for all the television’s loving fans out there (myself included), it’s that time of year when shows come to an end. No show is safe from the finale season; Gotham included. That being said, this was by far one of my favorite season finales, if only for how they prepared season 3. Transference starts out with the GCPD bomb squad and Swat team awaiting Captain Bullock’s (heehee…captain.) order to blow the Arkham Asylum gates wide open. Clayface-Jim rushes to halt the assault and requests to be taken to the Gotham Police Department. Meanwhile, Jim is screaming below about Hugo Strange being a “Son of a bitch.”

Elsewhere in Arkham, Edward Nygma begins his super fun quiz-murder game with Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox. The terms of the game are this: Nygma will ask a question and if they get it right, they move on to the next question. However, should they answer incorrectly, Nygma will fill the room with a poison gas. They have 5 minutes to confer and come up with the correct answer. He questions them on who runs Indian Hill – the correct answer is Wayne Enterprises. Bruce, as clever as he is, gets it correct. Ed’s next and final question is “Wayne Enterprises does run Indian Hill, but…who runs Wayne Enterprises?” To which Lucius foolishly responds “The Board of Directors.”

Strange eventually returns to Gordon’s holding area where Gordon, obviously very upset at being strapped down and impersonated, glares angrily at Hugo. Strange injects him with a serum that puts the former detective into a “strange” trance. He’s forced to tell the truth, and Hugo also questions Jim about his knowledge of indian Hill and Wayne Enterprises. He asks him about Lee, and why he does the things he does, and, without much hesitation, Jim answers each question. I found this scene to be a bit unnerving, but entirely fascinating. Because of the injection, it was as though Jim was seeking Hugo’s approval, as if he wanted nothing more than to please Hugo and adhere to every demand. Nygma uses the “poison” on Bruce and Lucius after their incorrect answer, though we soon find that it was actually knockout gas. The two wake up in the same room as Jim and begin freeing him from the chair he’s strapped to.

Selina shows up, followed by armed guards. She pulls Bruce aside and tells him that Firefly believes her to be a servant, and that there’s a bomb in the building. Bruce apologizes for dragging her into it, but of course she’s havig none of that and informs him that she’ll do as she dang well pleases. She scoffs at the idea that he manipulated her, before leaving them. Back at GCPD, Alfred has arrived and is trying desperately to rally the troops into locating Bruce and Lucius. Clayface-Jim snaps at Alfred to try to get him off the scent of Arkham, when Barbara Kean shows up. Barb’ has teamed up with Penguin and Butch and has been sent to learn more about Hugo. She senses something is seriously wrong when Clayface-Jim starts heavily, and I mean HEAVILY, flirting with her. When she mentions that he’s not who he says he is, Clayface-Jim grabs her arm, and she flips out and punches him. Harvey and Alfred see it first, but when he turns back to Barbara, his face is mushed, almost like flattened Play-dough.

Below Arkham, Fish Mooney is trying desperately to grab Ms. Peabody through her cell door, and use her to do her bidding. She even goes so far as to insult Ms. Peabody and her mother. The good doctor responds by implying that Fish no longer has a name and is only known as “re-animate test case #13.” While Harvey has busied himself by prepping the troops, Ms. Peabody returns to Fish’s cell. Intending to sedate her, Peabody asks that Fish offer up her right arm. Fish grabs it and immediately manipulates Peabody into accessing her freedom. Hugo stumbles across them roaming the halls, and as sweet and silky as he words can be, they have no affect on Fish Mooney. She sends Ms. Peabody after him but he knocks her out and sets the bomb with a 30 minute timer.

After meeting up with Mr. Freeze and Firefly, he advises they leave. Selina protests and Hugo orders Freeze to kill her. Firefly disagrees so the two go at it. Cat manages to escape and retrieve Jim, Bruce, and Lucius from their holding area. They run in on Freeze and Firefly’s dispute, but while the two stop long enough to reload, Hugo tries to make a run for it.  He gets caught in the cross-fire and though it’s enough to knock him unconscious, it doesn’t seem to injure him. Jim manages to wake him up, but Hugo reveals he’d rather die than unlock the security doors leading to the basement. Luckily, Selina mentions that Edward knows the way and Jim forces him to help. He and Lucius head downstairs to diffuse the bomb while Selina and Bruce try to get as far away as possible. With Ed’s assistance, Jim and Lucius find a rather intricate nuclear bomb. With just two minutes left, they come up with theoretical ways on how to diffuse it. Ms. Peabody, previously unconscious, awakens in time to help them. She weakly whispers the word “Water,” and Jim acts quickly.

He takes the protective cover off one of the alarm lights and fills it with water from a nearby eye-wash station. It wasn’t until he blindly poured water into the bomb’s system that they realize Ms. Peabody had meant that SHE needed water. However, the bomb deactivated nonetheless. Below, Fish Mooney escapes with a bus full of monsters, and manages to thwart police. But honestly, who puts a bunch of highly dangerous, genetically altered criminals and murderers on a MEASLY BUS. Penguin, going off of Barbara’s information, has assumed that Hugo would be on the bus and has Butch riddle it with bullets. Once it crashes though, Fish Mooney reveals herself. It causes Penguin to faint and the shock of seeing Fish alive sends Butch and the other goonies running.

Once they gang is safely out of harm, Jim tells Bruce that he’s going to leave town in search of Lee, an action that is commended by Alfred, Bruce, and even Selina Kyle. He drives into the night, while on the other side of town a homeless woman attempts to free the poor souls trapped on the bus. We get a hint at Killer Croc, as well as a few other Batman villains. But none are as surprising as a young man with long hair. He takes the time to thank her, but as the camera comes into focus we see none other than the fresh-faced Bruce Wayne. Could this be the villain “Hush,” bent on taking over the Wayne boy’s life? Or perhaps one of Bruce’s ancestors, resurrected as a soldier for the Court of Owls? Only time will tell. Thank you for reading along with us this season, I’ll see you all for season 3!