Source: The Catch // ABC

Episode 7, “The Ringer”

In a day that ends in ‘Y’-our fearless heroine Alice Vaughn seems to forget her senses when it comes to Christopher/Ben. This week’s episode of “The Catch” showed Alice and Christopher/Ben unable to keep their hands off of each other. It’s an opening montage of nothing but sexy times between the lovers from the wrong side of each other’s tracks. During each sexy time, Alice emphatically declares, “This is the last time,” only to fail miserably. It is a confounding and infuriating turn of events, dear readers. She has become the quintessential dumb-dumb of the show.

The case of the week for the P.I. firm (which takes a serious backseat to Alice and Christopher/Ben’s bullpucky each week) was a missing/possibly kidnapped kid. His father-a tech millionaire-and his mother (claims of bipolar disorder and manic depression laid against her) had an extremely contentious divorce, with the father obtaining full physical custody of their eleven year old son. The team manages to track the boy’s cell phone and pinpoint his final location. Additional camera footage shows the youngster trotting off with an unknown man and woman…a parent’s worst nightmare.

High above the L.A. streets, in the penthouse of a luxe hotel, our cons (including Margot’s brother, who seems to be liking Los Angeles a bit too much) hit their newest mark: a trust fund kid who comes from winery money. TFK (Trust Fund Kid) never met a game he wouldn’t gamble on, and Margot, Christopher and Reese setup a high stakes Texas Hold ‘Em game to pique his interests. After TFK’s girlfriend puts the kibosh on his gambling (the little liar claimed he was in Gambler’s Anonymous), the cons increase the pressure and bring in the heavy hitter: Ricky “The Ringer” Arrington…our old missing conman, Reggie.

On the side of right, the P.I.s put the screws to the missing boy’s mother and found out all of the details regarding her custody loss and subsequent smearing of her name. Turns out Mr. Singh wasn’t father of the year; using his son as a pawn on a chessboard, he had zero interest in being a parent, only the cost benefits of the position. Locating the child, the team lays out the facts for Singh: sign over his parental rights to the boy’s aunt and walk away…which he did.

As the cons were running a seamless endround on TFK, Reese decides to run an audible. Knocking out the AV so Margot is in the blind, TFK begins to recoup some of his $3MM. Christopher/Ben, Reggie and Margot come to the consensus to play slow-an excruciatingly boring stall tactic to shake a player’s methods. It works and the end result is a game of luck and chance where high card wins the pot. Of COURSE Christopher/Ben pulls an Ace because OF COURSE he cheated and had it literally up his sleeve. Another day, another $3MM dollars pocketed.

The dynamic has shifted once more for this increasingly interesting drama. Let’s see where it leads, shall we?