Hey everyone! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! So, let me ask you all….have you ever wanted to steal a Lamborghini, pick up a hooker, and shoot a handful of strangers without consequence? Or perhaps you’ve just wanted to do something you haven’t done before…like punch a mime for being a mime.Then you’ve probably played Grand Theft Auto before. If you haven’t, first of all how dare you. Also if you haven’t, sit down, shut up, and read this little blurb about how amazing this game is.

Anyway, Grand Theft Auto V starts you out as a punk guy named Michael and his band of merry men robbing a bank. There’s no Robin Hood act going on here however, and after managing to escape The Fuzz, the story flashes forward almost ten years, where you now play as a gangster named Franklin. Frank is mostly harmless and lives in Los Santos, but he’s trying to make it big in the world and become something. Eventually, Michael and Franklin’s stories entwine and you’re able to swap between characters to do a combination of missions, or to perform individual tasks. Things get a little hairy though, when an old and very much insane friend of Michael’s, named Trevor, shows up to cause trouble. You’re also able to swap to Trevor and complete tasks regarding his storyline.

On top of that, Grand Theft Auto now offers online play, where you can complete missions and have fun with your friends, as well as various other people across the country. As an added bonus, every Grand Theft Auto game comes with cheat codes. If you’re unfamiliar with that classic term, it’s a “Secret” combination of buttons that allows you access to upgrades and skills that you wouldn’t otherwise achieve. Grand Theft Auto V is no different, and you can locate this codes via Google. (I’ve found the GTA5cheats.com website to be incredibly helpful.)

In game, you’re allowed the option to switch between the story-mode based characters as well as the customizable online character. This game is currently available for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

I won’t lie, I’ve decided to recommend this game because it has a little bit of everything that makes a game great. It encompasses everything from car racing, to first person shooters, to role-playing games, and even allows a wide variety of various criminal activities to take part in. Go forth, partake in criminal activities and murder a lot of people, and be sure to tune in next week for an all new TGON Plays!

Thanks for reading!