Hellcase and Farmskins provide different case opening conditions for you. Find what those are and how they impact your loot.

Farmskins VS Hellcase – Comparison 2023

When we open cases online, we seek to use the best sites. But there will be hundreds of them in 2023. Finding a proper one might be tough. However, this guide might help.

In today’s article, you’ll find a comparison of industry-leading case-opening websites: Farmskins and Hellcase. Prepare to discover their cases, features (CS:GO upgrade, case battles, etc.), bonuses, and more! 

The Variety of Cases to Open 

In terms of cases, our competitors are alike. First, they feature many original CS:GO cases like Horizon, Fracture, Prisma 2, etc. But these don’t entice new clients – unique cases do. Such are compiled of different skins and created by case-opening sites themselves.

Unique cases differ between Farmskins and Hellcase. For instance, Hellcase has a unique “Digital Conflict” ($3.50) case with Black Laminate knife as the rarest drop. On the contrary, let’s take Farmskins’ “Lucky AK-47” case ($1.49). It features many AK-47 skins and has an AK-47 Fire Serpent as a top drop.

Registration Process

Signing up is very easy on both platforms. To do it, you must click the “Sign-in” button at the top right of the interface. Then, you’ll be transferred to Steam, where you must log into your account. Once done, your Steam and Farmskins/Hellcase accounts will get synchronized. You can start opening cases!

Support Teams 

Support capabilities are a little better at Farmskins. They have a 24/7 live chat accessed with a window at the bottom right. What’s more, you can use it even before being signed in. So use it to clarify anything about Farmskins if you are unsure about using it.

On the other hand, Hellcase has similar support features. But to use them, you must first sign in. 

Skins-Farming Feature 

One of the primary reasons why players prefer the case-opening sites to the CS:GO itself is their unique skin-farming features. Let’s see which ones are available at our competing sites.

Skin Upgrade 

Do you have a couple of irrelevant skins? Throw them into the Skin Upgrade. It will calculate their total price and let you choose a random skin their worth. This feature is available at both Farmskins and Hellcase.

Click here to find proven Skin Upgrade strategies to get any skins you want. Start applying them today, and you’ll see how you get your desired skins. 

Case Battle 

Another cool feature available at both sites is Case Battle. It lets you turn your boring case-opening routine into an actual competition. During a case battle, you will be fighting other openers. The one that opens more valuable loot takes his and his opponent’s items. So this can be twice more profitable as a normal case opening.

Gaben’s Store and Giveaway 

When you open cases at Farmskins, you accumulate Bullets (a unique currency). You can spend them in Gaben’s Store and Giveaway. In the first case, you may use bullets to buy cases, skins, or balance cash. 

While in the Giveaway section, you can opt-in for the skin giveaway for a certain number of bullets. They have up to 200 participants, giving everyone equal win chances.

Event Tab

As the Gaben’s Store and Giveaway counterparts, Hellcase has an Even tab. It is the place where you spend tokens earned during case openings and deposits. But besides buying skins, cases, and cash, the Event tab offers Faceit competition. It is where you can play against other Hellcase users for the real money prize.

Daily Free Giveaways

Regular Hellcase and Farmskins users get free cases daily. As their reward, you can get skins, cases, and cash. However, Hellcase also allows winning War Tags. It is a special currency for purchasing items.

Premium Status 

Hellcase has 4 account statuses: 

  • Normal;
  • Silver – $5/month;
  • Gold – $15/month;
  • Diamond – $25/month

Getting a higher status will let you open more free cases per month, give you early access to Hellcase content releases, provide you with personal support, and grant you premium cases, free tokens, and Case Battle emotes.

Farmskins don’t have such status features. And maybe that’s for the good. They are ready to give you all they got without additional deposits.

Unique Blog 

What’s also worth mentioning is Hellcase’s unique blog. It is the place where you can read the latest news about CS:GO cases, items, game changes, and the competitive scene. Moreover, Hellcase’s blog discusses niche, technical topics on creating your own CS:GO map through the workshop, etc. So you’ll definitely find several interesting articles there.

Sadly, Farmskins doesn’t offer a blog alternative. Still, it has a few social pages that post Farmskins news about new cases, events, etc.