Because Rick and the gang will have to sit in their peepee pants for the next seven months. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead Comic

This season finale was 90 minutes, with everything that happened it could have easily fit into a 60 minute episode. As we are well aware up to this point Maggie is very sick. A group from Alexandria pile into the RV with the intention of taking Maggie to the Hilltop for proper medical care. Rick has seemingly gotten soft and allows more people to go on the trip than is really needed. Carl, unlike his dad Rick, did what he could to stop people from going and locks Enid in a closet. To put in perspective how dire the homestead is at Alexandira, Father Gabriel, who I must admit has stepped his game up, has been left in charge of the defenses.

The other major story shows that Morgan has found Carol. Carol is like a sick animal licking her wounds outside of a building. When she sees that Morgan found her, she tells him to just let her die. Morgan tells Carol that she has to come back because she cares about the group and the group cares about her. Carol says she can’t kill anymore. When Morgan goes out to see about a loud trapped walker, Carol makes her escape, when Morgan returns he goes to track down Carol. After a bit he finds Carol again, sadly, the Savior that was hunting her caught up to Carol first He is about to die but tries to end Carol. He shoots her in the leg and was about to leave, but decides to come back and kill Carol, but at this time Morgan has caught up to them. Morgan has no choice and he KILLS, yes he KILLS the Savior with a gunshot. He realized that sometimes you have to kill and he did. With all the commotion it attracts to unknown humans all decked out in protective gear. It turns out one was the guy that Morgan and Rick saw at the farm who was looking for his horse. Morgan tells them he found his horse, and he also found his friend, who needs some help. The two men agree to find them help, he shakes Morgan’s hand and that was the end of their story. I do believe this is the Kingdom which we will learn more about next season.

Rick and the gang was having a very bad day. They were heading to the Hilltop, they were stopped by a large group of cars and some people. They were torturing some guy that we did not know. The leader of this group, who happened to be the voice actor of Trevor, from Grand Theft Auto 5, tells Rick that this guy didn’t follow the rules, and that they want to negotiate with Rick. That they want to take all his stuff, and kill someone to make their point, and then things can move forward. Rick said he was thinking he would take all their stuff and not kill anyone. They obviously couldn’t come up with an agreement and the RV turns around to try to find another route to the Hilltop. On road number two they are blocked by a larger group of people and vehicles. They don’t even get out to engage and turn around to find another route.

Road number 3 didn’t have any better luck. When they were going down the road they were stopped by a line of chained up walkers. They get out to try to dispatch of the walker red rover line, but when they get closer to the walkers they notice that a walker has locks of Michonne’s hair, and another has Daryl’s jacket. This obviously gets the gang scared and worked up. They are about to try to kill the walkers when they start to get shot at. The Saviors used the Terminus way of shooting at their feet to get them to where they wanted them to go. Rick broke the line, killed some walkers and they got back into the RV and moved ahead. After a little bit on this road, they come across yet another roadblock, this time with tons and tons of logs all stacked up on the road. While looking at that, they see the man who was getting beat up earlier hung from a bridge. While looking at him hang the logs are lit on fire and the gang has to retreat yet again!

The group tries to come up with yet another plan to get where they wanted to go. I have to say, that Rick’s approval rating has taken quite the dive. Rick of earlier seasons would be ashamed of the Rick of today. He didn’t do any scouting or planning. They decided that Eugene would take the RV and drive in random pattern to try to be a diversion, while the rest of the gang will carry Maggie through the woods to try to get to the Hilltop. That obviously didn’t work as they were being watched. Eugene got caught off screen, and the other group got caught because they were to loud. They got led right to where they were intended to go from the Saviors. Their they are lined up and told to get on their knees, they saw Eugene, and were joined by Michonne, Daryl, Glenn and Rosita who were captured earlier.

Negan makes his appearance, he is very long winded, he introduces the group to Lucille, he says that Rick’s group killed a lot of his members, more than he is comfortable with and someone has to pay. That someone will die and they will fall in line, that they will work for him, and they will get half of their stuff, and if they don’t have enough they can make find or steal stuff to give them. He can’t decide who to choose, so he decides to go old school by doing Eenie meenie mini mo. When he finally picks it goes to first person view, the person took Lucille, who as you know, is a razor wire wrapped baseball bat, to the head. The person took it like a champ, we do not see who this person was, we will have to speculate who that person will be for the new few months. I have my guess, I will be putting out more in depth synopsis of each persons reasons yes or no.

If you are asking me for my pick of who took the death, I’ll let you know, scroll down.

Last warning you will get my prediction.

I’m serious!