Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

Love was in the air last week on Jane The Virgin. Two couples had pretty important moments and Alba had a damn important moment all by herself! She don’t need no man!

After Rafael, Ellie, and Anna meet JR by accident and he gets a bad impression of her, Jane decides it would be great for them to go on a double date. Little does Jane know, she doesn’t have much in common with tough JR. In fact, JR straight up didn’t like Jane; which actually ended up further tainting Petra’s image of Jane. This bothered Jane, because, as she loves Petra (and she told her so!) and she wants to have a good relationship with any person she cares this deeply for. That brings us to big relationship moment #1 (or #2 if you count Jane and Petra’s ‘I love yous’): JR and Petra decided to be serious with each other—this isn’t a fling anymore!! Not that it ever really was for Petra. You have to wonder, though, is Rosario Dawson really going to become a regular on this show? Or is something terrible destined to happen to her? We did learn at the end that Magda is still out to frame Petra…

Onto even more serious relationship milestones(#3&4)…Jane and Rafael randomly said ‘I love you’ to each other! It felt pretty anticlimactic, but then again, these guys have said ‘I love you’ before. I kind of figured they loved each other right away again?? What do I know about complicated relationships such as theirs, though. This eventually led them to celebration sex, which inspired Jane to write, and Rafael found out the next morning that she wrote about…Michael. He was very hurt (and embarrassed to admit it) until Jane explained that she totally forgot about the anniversary of Michael’s death. She’ll never be able to tell which one of them she loves more…many could argue one way or the other, but the fact is, she should never have to do such a thing. And Rafael doesn’t expect her to. Then, at the end of the episode, Jane and Rafael decide to move in together! This relationship just continues to flourish! Why am I also scared that this could end badly??

Now for Alba’s kickass individual accomplishment…she passed her American Citizenship Test!! Alba Villanueva is going to be an American citizen! And a recouperating Xiomara helped her pass! While at first, we thought Xo was recovering too slowly, it turns out she really just didn’t want to be seen outside, but she let go of her pride fo support Alba and used “the cancer card” to get her into the test late! You go, badass Xo!

Speaking of “the cancer card”, Rogelio wrongly used it to try to get out of being Baby’s ‘danny’—and Darci already knew and didn’t tell him! But, instead of continuing there ever long fight, Esteban was the voice of reason! He implored them to be adults and make-up. For Baby’s sake! I’m starting to like him as a side character more and more!

While we did get a glimpse of Magda still attempting to frame Petra, and of course, Xo’s recovery, things seem to be going a little to well in Jane’s world. The season finale is almost upon us…does anyone have any good guesses of what our cliffhanger could be?