Shonda Rhimes has crafted a seamless lineup of strong-willed, female protagonists for her ‘TGIT’ lineup. Starting with Dr. Meredith Grey (kick butt surgeon), followed by Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd (another kick butt surgeon), Olivia Pope (multitasking boss and fixer) and Annalise Keating (brilliant attorney and master manipulator), Shonda has shown that women can drive narratives and increase ratings. Her latest offering to the fold: “The Catch” featuring Mirielle Enos as P.I. Alice Vaughan.

From the moment Alice glides into her firm’s office, you can tell this is the glossy version of P.I. work. Sure Magnum P.I. drove a sports car and lived in Hawaii, but Alice’s clientele look to be in 7-figure range, EACH. Using her beguiling eyes to outwit a fake arse Thomas Crown, Alice appears to have it all. Her firm is on the active hunt for a thief only known as Mr. X. They get close to nabbing him-with we the audience SEEING his face-but he outmaneuvers the crew. It’s only later we realize Mr. X is Alice’s fiance, Chris. Chris (Peter Krause) is pro con-focused, extremely smooth and ruthless…until it comes to Alice. He appears to have a crisis of conscience when told by his girlfriend Margot to finish the plan (although he ultimately goes through with it).

Seeing that Chris has taken everything from her (including $1.4MM for a home they were purchasing together), Alice moves onto a revenge course of action. What entails is a cat-and-a-mouse game between the two. It’ll be interesting to see if Shonda and Co. can keep the tautness of the attraction between Alice and Chris going while maintaining Alice’s loathing of him.

First episodes are generally flawed and “The Catch” suffers from a very lackluster supporting cast. Grade-wise, I’d give it a B-. It has the makings of something solid but must bring the surrounding cast up to task. Join TGON for our livetweet next Thursday,10PM PST using #ThatHook.