Source: Legends of Tomorrow // CW

This episode took us to a typical small town in 1958; a time of extreme racism, homophobia and sexism, which, evidently, was not lost on the writers. Many of the issues are addressed, which came as an unexpected but not unwelcome surprise. A bold choice by the writers, for sure.

The team locates Savage and, Rip, finally taking charge of the team, splits everyone up to investigate a series of bizarre murders and disappearances that the team automatically attributes to Savage. Kendra and Ray are to “play house”, and investigate Savage’s personal life. Jax, with some difficulty, befriends the (white) girlfriend of a disappeared boy, while Rip and Cpt. Cold impersonate federal officers to investigate the cases on a legal level. Of course that leaves Stein and Sara to play a doctor and a nurse at a local hospital.

Their respective situations allow the heroes to explore the social issues of the time period; Sara finds love with a lesbian nurse who’s so far in the closet because she fears discrimination, Kendra is repeatedly mistaken as “the help”, etc. The issues were well-addressed and reminded audiences that things have not always been as they are.

After uncovering Savage’s evil bio-experiments, the Legends fail to take him down (again). The episode was thoroughly entertaining, but the plotlines are getting a little repetitive; arrive, go undercover, try to kill Savage, Savage gets away. It would be nice to see something different every once in a while.

Article Submitted By Rachel Hill