The 100 this week sure did have some scary moments. Not necessarily in a horror scary moment but a lot of emotional, ethical scary moments. People playing with others peoples lives like it was a game, when in fact it was all very real. It all began as the members at the science station decided to run tests on the captured intruder with the night blood from Luna. They pumped him with the night blood and put him in the glass radiation chamber and ran the tests in intervals. It was 100% epic failure. The subject started convulsing, he had pores all over his body in no time, was spitting up night blood and died in fairly quick order. With this becoming a failure the group was thinking of another theory to test but with the storm they wouldn’t be able to find another person to test on. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Luna who finds the whole idea maddening, and soon Emori when she finds out she is likely next, after the group do a round table to realize that the person that was captured was not who Emori said, and he didn’t mark the proper blood line for the tests.

Back at Arcadia, they are having a memorial for 18 people who died from black rain, Niylah says something about from the earth we will grow from the ashes we will rise that catches Jaha’s attention. He asks where it came from and only got a lead that will take him on an adventure of he convinces Kane this is a worthy cause. He convinces Kane to help him find Indra who can hopefully help them find the flame keeper Gaia. When they arrive the medallion that Jaha has bears the same symbol that is tattooed onto Gaia, which is a holy symbol. The temple that they need to go to is under Azgeda control which is an enemy to Indra and her people, but Kane is able to gain passage from something he received from Roan. When they are granted passage and about to move Indra grabs a gun and kills all the Azgeda around saying they will not gain passage if their is a bunker.


Does anyone have a charger for this? No, OK I’ll move along thank you. Photo Courtesy The 100 CW

Inside the temple the group is having a hard time figuring out how the medallion and crest on the floor work together to open. Indra and her people talk about keeping the temple so nobody can get it but need guns to do it. Monty remembering what the verse was decides they should try to burn the medallion to get inside and sure enough that does unlock a key that fits into the floor. It opens up to an underground passage! Does this hold the key to survival? This part will continue next week.

Meanwhile back at the Science Station, Emori tries to destroy the chamber so she can’t be tested, but she is captured along with her boyfriend Murphy in the space ship room. The rest of them ponder the options and ask if they are all really comfortable with testing another theory on Emori. Luna doesn’t want any part of it and refuses and wants to leave, Roan says he can’t have that and will fight her and she can’t win with her hurt hip. Roan is right and after a couple blows is able to subdue her and Raven asks if they are really going to take her bone marrow from her passed out body. Raven tells Clarke welcome to Mount Weather, which is a low blow but very much on point.

Abby and Clarke decide they are comfortable with testing on Emori, who was pleading with Murphy to stay on the good side so he isn’t next. She is injected by Miller so they can take her to the table to inject her with the night blood. Abby can’t bring herself to do it, so Clarke says she can handle it. Murphy earlier said if Emori dies that Clarke will die, and I think that stuck in her head as she went to inject Emori, but pauses and injects herself to the dismay of everyone else in the room looking on. When the time is right for Clarke to go in the radiation chamber Abby goes psycho and destroys it saying she saw a vision and she can’t lose Clarke…..But she can lose all sorts of other people, I get it, they are family but sort of hypocritical, so now they can’t test night blood.