Do I make you horny baby? Rick to Michonne. Photo Credit Gene Page/AMC

Last week in the Walking Dead they fast forwarded the script for us. We didn’t have to watch them clean up hundreds and hundreds of walkers, we didn’t see them build up the walls, which I think would have been interesting to see how they did it, as we have stated before all the wall experts or protege’s are now gone. So hopefully they built them up correctly.

Carl seems perfectly fine, just a normal boy with a missing eye, we see him annoying his dad, throwing a tennis ball against the wall, saying it’s part of his physical therapy. Rick is going on a run with Daryl, and Michonne is in the house asking for some toothpaste, they all seem to be getting along nice playing house.

Before the run, Daryl is looking over his list and talks to Denise about her request for Crush soda. This episode was brought to you by Crush soda, even though it technically wasn’t. Eugene gave them some direction before they left the compound on what to look for. Rick jinxed the whole trip by talking about how the law of averages had to catch up to them sometime and that they would have a good run. So they take off, and for the record, don’t EVER let Rick Grimes be the DJ during the Apocalypse because his taste in music was awful, they do end up finding a truck like Eugene suggested, full of supplies, and somehow it did start up. Rick thinks it’s the law of averages catching up with them. But if it’s the law of averages you would think something bad was bound to happen to even it out. You would be very correct, they take a stop at a gas station, and Daryl notices a vending machine. Rick isn’t quite sure why Daryl wants to get into it but he goes along with it. They try to bash it, and turn it over, and finally decide to tie it to the truck to pull upright. Daryl is able to bash into it and grab some soda’s out. This is when Rick is literally ran into by someone coming around the corner, he says he is running from the dead. He is in a large overcoat, with a bandana over his face. He is a very smooth talker, and very clean cut. Daryl doesn’t trust this guy, while Rick started to ask him the 3 questions. The man, who says his friends called him Jesus says it’s time to run and they should to as they have about 7 minutes before the walkers arrive. He shortly sets off something that sounds like gun shots and Rick and Daryl investigate and hear a bunch of fire crackers in a barrel.

At that point the law of average catches up with them and Daryl realizes that the guy probably swiped the keys from Rick, which he did, they run to the front just in time to see Jesus drive away in the truck with all the supplies. They eventually are able to track Jesus down as he was having some truck issues. They jump him, not without a fight, and pull guns on him, Jesus didn’t think the had bullets until they both shot an incoming walker. They tie him up, give him a crush soda for when he gets out and leaves. However they don’t know Jesus enough, as he was able to untie himself in literally no time and attach himself to the top of the truck. Rick and Daryl finally heard him on the roof, and did a hard stop to get him off the roof. Jesus began to run away, and Rick and Daryl tried to capture him. Which was Benny Hill futile as they were not able to capture him in a timely manner. Safe to say that Daryl was never a defensive football player when he was younger. When all was said and done, the truck made it’s way into a lake and they lost all the hard earned supplies. This is when Daryl finally says that law of averages is bullshit, they decided to take Jesus with them as a prisoner who was knocked out. I still think he was faking asleep to learn where he was going.

This episode was very Rick and Daryl heavy, the only other side story of importance was Spencer going into the forest daily with a shovel after his shift for some reason. Michonne noticed and followed him, Carl noticed them out while him and Enid were in the forest reading books and being weirdo’s honestly. Enid wanted to go home so they started to leave, that is when Carl noticed a walker, who turned out to be Deanna, he lured the walker, so it would cross paths with Spencer, so he could do what he was out there to do which was put his mothers walker corpse down for good. He needed to do that for closure.

When Rick and Michonne got back to the house late at night to swap stories about their day, the hands ended up close to each other and the fingers started to interlock. They looked at each other and started to get it on! They ended up beginning the start of the Richonne era, the episode ends with Jesus, in total creeper fashion, breaking into Rick’s room and waking him up saying they needed to talk. Rick had his gun pulled and Michonne had her sword drawn on the intruder. He says he has big news for them.