It’s the Dallas Buyers Club!

If, per chance, you read my recaps of Brooklyn Nine Nine every week, you know I’m not the biggest fan of Scully and Hitchcock. I know that I’m SUPPOSED to think they’re the worst, but just because they’re supposed to be that way doesn’t make me enjoy them anymore. So when I found out that they were actually an integral part of the primary plot of this episode, I wasn’t excited. I don’t find Hitchcock and Scully jokes funny–either coming from them or about them. The exception this week comes from Hitchcock (surprisingly), as Reno, when he called his gang ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’. What made it even better was when Jake went along with it. Jake was the real hero–no surprise here–when he used Scully and Hitcock’s oddities (excessive sweating and swivel chair skills) to take down the drug ring. Now, hopefully, they’ll never go out in the field again.

Onto those fierce lionesses, Amy convinced Rosa and Gina to confront one fear with her. Amy confronted her fear of claustrophobia by spending 30 minutes in the trunk of a cop car, Gina confronted her fear of boring businessmen (same), and Rosa confronted her fear of giving blood. They all did it and Gina’s bit was particularly cute. Supposedly, this made them stronger but I don’t know if any of them actually got over anything. I listened to a podcast on facing fears once, got all empowered for like 20 minutes, then I forgot and didn’t do anything. I guess I need my own Amy around!

I can’t really blame Captain Holt was the way he acted around his classical music idol, John William Weichelbraun. If I had to work a robbery for Andy Samberg I would just giggle nonstop and ask him to do impressions. I would never suspect him of framing the robbery! I really enjoyed seeing the fangirly side of Holt–it made him more relatable…to me at least! It was also great to see Charles solve the case in spite of Holt’s fangirling. I’m noticing more and more every week what a GREAT detective Boyle is.

Now I’m trying out our new fancy glasses rating system! It was good episode…enjoyable, of course, but nothing spectacular. 3/5 glasses.