Russian Kara is chasing after missiles and drones. But apparently, her coming down with a bloody nose and fainting thwarts her training. After having her heart shocked back to life, a bolt of purple lightning strikes through the building and into the atmosphere.

This purple lightning changes the makeup of drugs that a few students were taking themselves and selling. This results in an epidemic, as one of the men takes the drugs and hulks out. It turns out Gamma rays are the result.

They start selling the drugs via a van and make a good business.

Brainy coaxes Alex’s anxieties following her truth seeker conflict. She’s off her game and Brainy has to keep up the act. He has to shift focus away from the memory gaps Alex experiences and he does well.

Parthas hosts a Harvest Festival. Nia returns via a road trip with Kara behind the wheel. Nia tells her that she’s trans. It was such a gentle way to introduce this and as a trans person, it made me so happy to see Kara support Nia completely. The fact that Nia trusted Kara enough to tell her says so much.

Nia is understandably conflicted when she arrives. She knows that she has the Dream abilities, while her older sister Maeve longs for them to be given to her. Maeve seems to idolize her mother, wanting to study plants, being an expert in dream perception.

When Maeve and Nia’s mom is killed by a spider bite, Nia falls into a dream with her mother. The matriarch is surprised slightly but seems proud to pass the torch onto Nia. Her daughter’s struggles in discovering her true identity as a woman shaped how Nia can use her Dream powers to better the world.

Alex has J’onn trace her mind for anomalies, and J’onn lies to his friend. Unfortunately for her, having the Martian Manhunter wipe her mind cleared Alex’s memory of Kara and Supergirl completely. Her empathy and perception towards aliens are lost, having never remembered a time where she grew up with a sister with superpowers. It’s disheartening to watch.

I found it cute that Lena was training for game night. I like that she’s competitive. But I’m worried about James. He seems to only hesitantly be supporting Lena’s efforts to cure cancer and resist future ailments for humans. He did cover up her black book budgeting though, so James gets points for that.

I felt so badly that Nia felt responsible for her mother’s death. But I found Maeve raving about getting powers throughout the episode to be completely annoying. I just wish it didn’t have to come to a fight after the memorial when Maeve says that Nia “isn’t even a real woman”. As transgender people fight for acceptance in our lives, hoping to gain support from those closest to us, it hurts even deeper when our identity is ripped out and exposed. Claiming that Nia’s transition as a person born male at birth doesn’t make her a real woman hurts.

Oh, the tension between Supergirl and Alex Danvers is palpable. It was crazy to see Agent Liberty men steal the enhancing drugs to rage against those attending the memorial. Supergirl having to break up a raging Bobbi and an Alien defending Parthas was something else. Alex was furious and insulted that Supergirl had to flash her x-ray vision to avoid having the DEO Director shooting the upset alien.

There is literally no feelings there. Supergirl is seen as the Girl of Steel in the worst way possible. There’s an entire life separating Alex from Supergirl, and Alex and Kara.

But having Kara pull the car aside on their way back to reveal that she’s Supergirl was a great tactic. Kara helps Nia better understand her struggles being the one sister with alien powers and their friendship seems to deepen.

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Episode highlights:

Brainy speaking bro to frat boy drug users to get more information.

Nia’s awesome suit she inherited, gifted posthumously from her mother. It’s gorgeous!!!

Lena Luthor in any episode. I just love her character.