Source: ABC Network // HTGAWM

We thought we were prepared for anything. We thought we could handle whatever Pete Nowak and his writer’s room threw at us. We were so, so wrong. So very wrong.When last we saw Annalise and her morose band of students, she was gut shot on the floor of the Hapstall mansion and they were scattering like roaches. After a horrible hellatus, HTGAWM flashed us forward 2 week. Annalise is recuperating at home and popping Vicodin like candy. Like most of us mere mortals, the pain meds have an interesting effect on Annalise. We see her panicked when a random woman rings her bell and drops a baby in her arms. Further panic when she calls Bonnie and when she enters, sees Annalise freaked out over…a pile of blankets.Compounding all of this is the fact that Annalise is scheduled to testify against Catherine Hapstall…because she named her as her shooter. Bonnie and the gang decide that the last thing Annalise should be doing is being on the stand. They fabricate a statement of that shooting night’s happenings to submit to the judge. Upon review, the judge denies the written statement and is thisclose to dismissing the charges.In shuffles (like a boss still) Annalise Keating. Broken but unbowed, she gets on the stand and…perjures the HECK out of her statement. Now, we as viewers know that Annalise always has an alterior motive for her every move. We find out when she instructs Caleb Hapstall to tell CATHERINE to say she was drugged by their weirdo, unknown cousin, Philip. The plan works and Catherine will be given a mentally incapacitated, modified sentence. And Annalise keeps her reputation somewhat.Did I fail to mention that a flashback showed a PREGNANT Annalise speaking to Wes’s (formerly Christophe) mother in a park? Oh I did? Well that’s for next time. Stay tuned.