A lone flame. Photo Credit: The 100 CW

This weeks episode of The 100 had an awful lot of talking and politics, things that just don’t interest me very much in entertainment or real life, so let’s quickly recap all you need to know about the calm before the storm.

At the capital Polis, the 12 nations are gathering for a summit to engage in a treaty with the Sky People. The sky people representatives at Polis are very impressed with how the capital is put together. They are anxious to see Clarke and get the event started. Meanwhile the Ice Prince is upset that he was betrayed by Lexa and was not set free, tells Clarke that the best way to get free and help protect her people is if she kills Lexa and the Ice Nation will be a great ally. He leaves a dagger in Clarke’s chambers so she can murder Lexa.

A group of the sky people are at Mount Weather trying to get it in order for the medical equipment and for the missiles, some of the soldiers have captured someone from the Ice Nation, who turns out to be Echo, who tells the group that the Summit is really a big murder trap to off the Sky People. So while some are enjoying their time at Mount Weather relaxing and eating, others are trying to get the power together(and then to figure out the missiles after they know an attack is coming) a group head out to the capital Polis to try to stop the attack.

Echo was correct it was an attack, but it was a bait and switch attack as the target was Mount Weather itself. For some reason the attacker had the nine digit self destruct code on his arm, he went inside, set off the self destruct and tried to leave. But he was stopped by Raven and another member outside of Mount Weather and they were lucky enough to be outside of the area before it blew up. I think a total of 30 people were lost, along with all of the medical equipment.

Back at Polis, Clarke had a chance to murder Lexa but passed. They spoke and Lexa promised Clarke that she would not betray her again, and they came up with a new idea. What was agreed upon was instead of creating a treaty, that the Sky People would be inducted to be the 13th nation in the group. Clarke tells her mother how the summit has changed and gets her to agree to it. So after the group barges into the summit thinking they are going to save their people from an attack they realize that no such treachery was happening there, but after getting the information on the walkie talkie everyone realized that an attack did happen and the Ice Nation claimed the attack. The Ice Nation on hand got locked away while everyone realizes that this is an act of war and a large battle is about to begin.

The Sky People have to leave to go back and protect everyone back home. Clarke opts to stay to keep on eye on Lexa keeping her word, and someone from each nation needs to stay at Polis.
The main twist is that behind closed doors, it is Lexa who bows down to Clarke, and not the other way around. Thus proving once again that Clarke is the puppet master, who seems to now be the true leader of all the nations but letting Lexa do the dirty work.

Next week WAR!