Hey everyone! A new year is upon us, which means a new line up of local and nationally famous comic cons to attend. That being said, I’d like to offer you all some Comic Con do’s and Don’ts to make your nerd adventures more enjoyable!

First! Comic Cons, especially the bigger, more widely known ones, can be overwhelming. If you’re a first timer, try out one of the smaller local cons first. It’ll give you a basic idea of what to expect when you tackle a more popular con.

Second, DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO DRESS UP. If you’re not comfortable with dressing up, that’s perfectly okay! You’re not obligated to cosplay to be at a con.

On that note, always, always, ALWAYS ask permission to take a photo of someone, whether they’re in costume or not. This includes displays as well. Ask the owner of the display first. NO MATTER WHAT. It’s common courtesy and shows a bit of respect to all these people who came out to simply enjoy the comic con atmosphere.

Next, NEVER tell someone anything negative about their costume. They put time and effort into their cosplay and it deserves nothing but the up most respect.

And finally, if you happen to have a business and want to promote it, for example…maybe you have business cards to hand out. After asking and getting consent to take a photo, introduce the business card. Take your photo, and offer your card. Be sure to be polite and if they deny a card it’s okay! They don’t mean any harm by it, and probably have an insane stockpile of cards in their pocket.

So go out, support your are comic cons, and just have a good time! Don’t forget try these tips for yourself!