I know we all grew up on John Williams amazing work on the original Star Wars films. But for a new generation of films there should be afresh new take on the classic space opera. Much like Lucas pass it on to Abrams, Disney should pass on the music to a fresh composer. Here is my list of three great candidates to to carry the music of Star Wars into the future.

Howard Shore. He has a great mind when it comes to the world of fantasy and truly has proven himself to be part of a larger than life franchise.

Alan Silvestri. Having done work on such as classics as Forest Gump and the Back to the Future films he would bring something very special to the world of Star Wars and already worked on a big films for Disney and Marvel.

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow. Their work on Ex Machina was amazing and hauntingly  beautiful. I can see their work being done for a darker Star Wars fil much like in the vain of The Empire Strikes Back.