5 Reasons why you should see “The Force Awakens’

In case you’ve been living under a rock or on some asteroid with a giant space monster in it, you probably haven’t heard Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens is premiering on December 17th! If you haven’t seen the trailers for this, you need to stop what your doing and go check it out NOW. Some of you  may think “Star Wars is for the Nerds!”, “There are better things to do with my time then waste it on a stupid sci-fi movie!”, or you just plain need some convincing. Well look no further, here are 5 reasons why you should give ‘The Force Awakens’ a chance.

1. It’s Iconic!
38 Years ago, a movie premiered that changed Sci-fi as we know it, ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’! It’s a movie that has spanned generations and promises to be the movie for the new generation.

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2. The Scoundrel is Back!
The Galaxies most infamous scoundrel is back, with his sidekick Chewbacca! While not everyone knows about Star Wars the way nerds do, everyone has heard of Han Solo and Chewie (and his infamous roar)! So why not take a peek in to what these two have been up to the last 30+ years!

GIF source: carriefishers.tumblr.com

3. The New Robot, BB8, is cute!
If you are a fan of cats, fluffy dogs, or just anything adorable in general, you will probably love the new droid they are introducing to this story. So if you don’t come for the action and the iconic characters, at least come to see this little dude!

GIF Source: chahnn1.tumblr.com

4. New Lightsaber!
Everyone knows what a lightsaber is and secretly wishes they could own one. Along with a new villain named Kylo Ren, Star Wars fans get the new cross handled lightsaber that he wields was shown in the trailer! Even if you could care less for Sci-fi, at least you can appreciate how handy a lightsaber would be!

GIF Source: Buzzfeed.com

5. Bragging Rights and The Force Being with You
If none of that appeals to you, then go see the movie anyways. At least now you look cool to your nerdy friends who have probably given up on bringing you to the light side of the force. 🙂

GIF Source: MTV.com

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