Hey Everyone! Welcome back and might I just say… it has been a LOVELY year!

From Halo 5 to Call of Duty: Black ops 3 being released, to Xbox One’s Backward compatibility, to the update of the Xbox One controller that has a headphone jack installed at the bottom, (thank you Microsoft Gods.) the gaming community has had one HELL of a 2015.

With that being said…it’s here! It’s here! Fallout 4 has arrived!

Source: de.ign.com

Okay, so first off these graphics were so good that I actually drooled on my controller a little. I’m not extremely far into the game just yet, but the storyline!!! Oh lawd have mercy the storyline. You get to be either the husband or wife of a beautiful family in what looks to be the 1950’s, were the time full of robots and technology. After determining what you look like, you’re able to explore your home, which is above ground. (This is pre-nuclear war.) Your home is approached by a Vault Technician Salesman, who tells you tht because of your family’s service during the war, you’re pre-registered for entry and he requests your information from you. You and your family are forced to run to the Vault unexpectedly when it’s announced that Nclear bombs have been exploding all over the country. You barely make it into the local Vault, Vault 111. You’re directed to an area where you’re told to put on your vault suit. The doctors claim that the pods they’re putting you in will decompress you and prep you for underground life. But all is not as it seems and you and your family are cryogenically frozen.

Sometime during this stasis you’re awoken, and you watch helplessly from your pod as a man and woman shoot your spouse and take your child.
You’re forced back into stasis, only to be woken once more by the Vault’s emergency protocols. You venture your way back to your home on the surface, where you learn that you’d been gone for roughly 200 years. You set out to accomplish 3 things: Find out who took your child and why, learn about a world that has had 200 years to develop since you last saw it, and make a life in a planet you no longer recognize.

From what I’ve played of this game, it’s amazing. The controls have a wider range of options, and the pip boy has an updated format that allows for more organization and better carrying options.

Source: folksonomy.co

This game is beyond compare, and was worth the 7 year wait. My gosh, it’s been so good that I don’t actually have the proper words to describe how much I love it.

Go check this game out and have fun roaming the wastelands! – Charlie