Hey everyone! Welcome back to TGON Plays! this week I’ll be reviewing the latest installment of Tomb Raider, titled “rise of the Tomb Raider.’

Honest Question though…have you guys ever been so excited that you practically vibrate? That’s how I felt after getting my grubby lil’ mitts on a copy of this game. It impressed me immediately, the animation and graphics were and are absolutely mind-blowing.

The story opens with Lara Croft and Jonah, ( a character from the previous installment) trying to work their way up a mountain in Siberia. The first chunk of the game has a lot of lengthy cut scenes, which, if I remember correctly you have the ability to skip past, should you want to. If you’re playing the game for the first time, I’d recommend watching these scenes. Not only because the storyline is flawlessly executed, but the cut scenes prep the game’s setting, and give insight to what’s been happening since Lara was rescued from Yamatai. Not watching them COULD leave the player in a state of perpetual confusion.
It also deals fluently with flashbacks, so if you’re not paying attention to the story, the timeline could get a bit twisted.

In this new adventure, Lara is being socially exiled for being “just as crazy as her father.” A shady organization known as Trinity has covered up the events of Yamatai, and so Lara’s account of what happened on the island was discredited. She’s realized though, that her father was not as crazy as he seemed and looks into finding answers. Not only for what happened on Yamatai, but the rest of the unnatural  mystical things her father was investigating. Lord Richard Croft’s final excursion was going to get the search for the Prophet, a man who had an unusual influence on people and could be the key to eternal youth. But yet again, another religious Zealot of a group attempts to take her out for the opportunity of using the “Divine Source,” for their own greedy purposes. The Zealot is in command of Trinity Soldiers, an ancient set of brutal warriors that have been hunting the Prophet and his followers for centuries, and it was only when Lara’s Father came across it did they target the Croft family.

So here Lara is, stranded in the mountains of Siberia, looking for the lost city of Kitezh in the hopes to redeem her father’s name. Lara will face a difficult choice, however. Release the power of the Divine Source into the world, so that any entity, good or bad, may get their hands on eternal youth? Or keep it secreted away so that evil can never access it, even if that means NO ONE can access it? Get the game, play the story, and Be The Legend to find out for yourself what Lara decides to do with this artifact, and if this expedition really does redeem the Croft name.

Thanks for reading you guys, and tune in next week to read another TGON Plays review! – Charlie