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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Spice Girl

Trish finally gets the development she has been lacking with her first almost entirely solo episode.

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The post-mortem and invincible stand Notorious B.I.G stalks the confined airplane, attacking whatever moves the fastest within its field of vision. Mista and Narancia have both already been taken out of commision and Giorno has lost both of his hands in attempts to defeat the stand. Now Giorno’s hand is attempting to re-grow through his brooch, but moving about as it does so.

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Trish realizes that if she can save Giorno’s had she can allow everyone to be healed but is hesitant to put her life in danger. But she slowly starts to go toward the brooch, using reclining seats to distract Notorious B.I.G however some liquid gets on her boots and Notorious B.I.G attacks her. It is at this point she finally manifests her own ability that had been foreshadowed before. Her power, Spice Girl, lets her soften anything and turn it into a rubber like material. From this she thinks she is able to defeat Notorious B.I.G. The stand though comes back, attacking the plane and the engine itself putting the plane on a crash course. Trish, finally with the resolve of the rest of the members of Bruno’s gang, cuts the rest of the plane off and makes the cockpit a parachute allowing them to escape as Notorious B.I.G follows the burning plane down into the ocean.  

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The episode ends with the boss ranging about the possibility that they would be able to find out his identity on Sardinia.

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The episode itself was fantastic. Trish fully joined the group and becoming an acting, fighting member. The coloration on Spice Girl was particularly phenomenal by David Production as it stresses her connection to the Boss as Spice Girl very much resembles King Crimson.

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