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I may be making some people mad here, but I have never been so annoyed with Olivia than I’ve been in this episode. You’ve chosen this, Olivia. You chose to break up with Jake and move in with Fitz. You chose to tell the press the truth. Don’t act repulsed by the thought of marrying your boyfriend. Obviously she isn’t ready to let go of Jake, since she kept calling him, but that is so unfair to him. Jake is a good guy who doesn’t deserve to be yanked around by her. I appreciate him being so blunt with her for that reason. I also appreciate that Elise is trying to take down Rowan, not help him escape. It would’ve sucked if a potential love interest for Jake already fell through. Haha jk. If I were Jake, I’d never want to go to Union Station again.

Speaking of Rowan (and Mellie), sometimes Mellie says the smartest things and I’m just like, you go girl! Like when she told off Fitz for all of the shit he’s put her through. Then again, just like Olivia, she got herself into all of that (on account of her hunger for power). Speaking of that, her hunger for power took over everything in this episode and she released the men who murdered her son in order to blackmail Olivia into making her president. I just don’t understand how these people are so incredibly screwed up. Casual DC politics, I guess.

Now that Elise is dead, and Olivia and Fitz have “broken up”, I’m sensing a change in the shipping tides. Olivia will flip flop back over to Jake for some reason or another because that is completely normal and realistic. Jake is not a yo-yo, Olivia! Do not play with him! Don’t take her back Jake! Maybe Olivia needs to learn how to be single and figure out what she actually wants in life!

I’m sorry. Honestly, I’m just so pissed at her. I can’t even write an unbiased recap. Hopefully, the next episode will make me less angry, but probably not, since Rowan is now out of jail. And his monologues put me to sleep. Even more so than Cyrus’.

A few closing thoughts and questions:
-It’s nice to see Abby back at P&A, even if it was only for a few scenes.
-Are we supposed to believe that Mellie had no reaction to Cyrus going back to work for Fitz? Where’s the fallout for that?
-Susan Ross, I do not blame you at all for wanting to get out of that sinking ship, but you probably would do a better job than most of the people who actually want it.
-If all of the B613 files were destroyed, how did they get access to them? I thought they only lived in Rowan’s head now?
-Are Fitz and Olivia on a break now? Or will they just go back to shacking up?