In Scorpion’s supersized seventh episode of the second season, the team celebrates the completion of their smart building project for Richard Elia, but per Scorpion rules, the launch is anything but flawless. The building’s systems malfunction, a massive fire breaks out, and the team (as well as several civilians) are trapped inside. And the best part? The fault seems to lie in Walter, who had a worm planted on his computer after he was drugged at a party.

This episode certainly had a few heart-racing moments, but what’s interesting to look at in this episode was the character reactions. All the characters were dealing with some sort of bigger personal issue while also trying to save the smart building and get everyone out alive. The fiasco starts with Ray convincing Walter to go the kickoff mixer and Walter surprisingly agreeing to go. Ray tells Walter that is the “normal” thing to do and that Elia probably goes out and socializes all the time and he is really successful. At the mixer, Walter decides to practice his bar talent and ends up drugged by a pretty girl with a hidden agenda. Apparently genius Walter O’Brien did not realize that Long Island iced tea was alcoholic.

Not only was it strange of Walter to go out partying the night before a huge job, he also actively attempted to flirt, even when he was pretty clear about his feelings for Paige. I’m not really sure what he was hopping to accomplish with that brunette at the mixer. And it’s horribly ironic that the first time Walter drinks he is drugged. I don’t think he’ll be partying much after that. But this would not be the last reckless decision Walter makes in this episode. In fact, Walter makes a lot of interesting choices that some of the other team members are not so comfortable with.

When Paige finds Walter passed out in his hotel room the next morning, she immediately smells perfume and deducts that Walter spent the night with someone. Rather than get outright pissed at Walter, she lets and jealousy and rage govern her motive for this episode and her and Cabe chase down the girl from the bar, who Walter guesses planted a worm on the hard drive on his computer which caused the smart building to crash.

It was really fun to see Paige so jealous because actually managed to use it to her advantage. She was really active in this episode and played a huge role in catching the bad guy. I personally would have liked to she her get really mad at Walter and force him to see how that hurt her, but maybe she realized it really wouldn’t do any good to yell at him. He learned his lesson.

Meanwhile Toby wants to prove to Sylvester and Happy that he can be independent and that he doesn’t need Happy any more, so he spends the whole episode proving his self-worth. They aren’t wholly impressed.

Early on in the episode the team is separated and Toby ends up alone (guess he has to prove his independence now), Happy and Walter attempt to put out part of the fire, and Sylvester ends up locked in the game room with three children. Sylvester’s storyline in this episode was incredibly heartwarming, as it usually is, and again we see a lot of growth from his character. Sylvester has constantly been thrown into uncomfortable and dangerous situations this season and has been forced to be brave. In this episode, he is forced to be brave for three children as well and he has to learn how to deal with his own anxiety so that he can save them. Sylvester is easily becoming the most complex and reliable character.

In order to save the building, they have to manually reset the building’s servers. Unfortunately, the server is locked in a room that is filled with fire. The room itself is made out of a special layered glass that is nearly impossible to break and the door to the room automatically seals to keep the flames in. And as if this wasn’t problem enough, Toby is locked in there too.

When Happy and Walter reach the room and Toby, Walter’s primary concern is that the server will be destroyed and he won’t be able to reset the building. Happy’s main concern is Toby, who will be killed in the fire if they don’t get him out. Walter then suggests that they suck all of the oxygen out of the room to kill the flame. Happy and Toby object immediately, as that would obviously kill Toby as well. Walter seems not to mind the casualty if he reset the building, so he turns on the machine and sucks the oxygen out.

This scene is extremely powerful emotionally and was a huge moment for Quintis fans because we actually got to see some emotion from Happy. Actually, a lot of emotion. Seeing Toby dying of suffocation drove her into a panic and she hysterically attempted to break the glass before finally figuring out a way to get inside. She revived Toby while Walter was still too busy focusing on the server and everyone made it out alive.

In the end, I think this episode served to hit on some big moments for these characters. I did think that this episode was driving the plot forward and not just a filler episode. We can only hope that the extra time and the slot behind the premiere of Supergirl helped with ratings and that next week we get even more action and tension!