The writers know they are only four episodes in, right?

I mean, I guess it’s technically the 48th episode. But still, this season is crazy!

The episode starts with fan favorite “Ginger Ninja” Alisha, the Inhuman with Multiple Man self-replicating powers, meeting some old Lai Shi Inhuman friends – Shane and Lori. (Now what could that possibly be a reference to?) One thing I find interesting about Alisha is that she’s played by Alicia Vela-Bailey, who is in fact Adrianne Palicki’s stunt double. What happens if they don’t want to hurt Alicia during one of her scenes? Do they get Adrianne to do her stunts?

Anyway, Lash crashes the party and dispatches the flame-harnessing Lori and the levitating Shane rather quickly. He snuffs out the life of Alisha – but wait, it was a clone/copy/dupe all along! The real Alisha is on Zephyr One, feeding information to S.H.I.E.L.D. They recruited her between seasons, and this was an Inhuman recruitment mission.
This makes me really happy for some reason.
However, the shock of being brutally murdered in a duplicate body you had just focused all your attention on has Alisha less than happy at the moment, and she is sent for psychiatric treatment under Garner.
Fitz and Bobbi find some biological samples of Lash’s hair or hair-like appendages at the scene. Fitz gets frustrated with Bobbi for not following the OBVIOUS color coding system him and Simmons developed. Biological is B for Blue which means the blue sample bag, not the clear one, Morse! Get it together!
Meanwhile, Daisy and Mack go to hunt down Lash and run into who else but the A.T.C.U., helmed by Rosalind and Coulson. They’re playing nice…for now. Coulson and Rosalind continue to flirt, but keep arguing about the imbalance of “give and take” in their relationship – of their organizations, of course. Each team tries to acquire as much intel from the other while sharing as little as possible.

Hunter and May are still hatching their half-baked scheme to take
down the new HYDRA from the inside. May even points out that it’s
half-baked; Hunter is adamant on killing Ward, even though he’s not sure
of when or how or where or any of that. He just needs backup at some
time, somehow at some place. It’s okay, though – Hunter is going on a
mission with Kebo and the gang, using weapons Hunter supplied. He’s
“in”. May cautions him not to be too hasty – this could be a trap.

that Hunter is going on a suicide mission, May returns to HQ for the
first time since season 2. She slips right back into good old right-hand
May immediately, with some excellent (and dare I say almost
flirtatious?) scenes with Coulson. He comments that it’s like she never
left…but she reminds him that she did. Things are different. Then May
runs into Andrew. He tries to talk about their relationship, and May
will have none of it. Apparently, after a short vacation, Garner left
her, didn’t return her calls, refused to see her, and essentially
dropped off the Earth. Even now, he refuses to explain why. He insists,
of course, that it’s not her. She’s not buying it.

the lab, Fitz wanders in to check on Lash’s luscious locks and finds
some new research on the Monolith, written in Jemma’s handwriting –
Bobbi tries covering up, though she insisted that Simmons told her
nothing. Simmons bursts in, upset, and retrieves her files, tells Fitz
not to touch her things, and accuses Bobbi of telling him something.

I know she’s a spy, but I swear Mockingbird does nothing but lie this entire damn show. From her first appearance on.

Daisy discovers that all the Afterlife Inhumans received an email
encoded with a virus that allowed someone to track their location. Lash
didn’t really seem like the computer-savvy type. The corroborate their
information with A.T.C.U. and go to find their guy, Dwight Frye.

find Frye pretty easily, and it turns out he’s an Inhuman too. His
power is being severely allergic to other Inhumans. That is the worst
superpower ever. He insists that Lash is a good guy, he just wants to
help; he doesn’t LIKE what he’s doing, it’s necessary. After some
interrogation by Robo-Arm-Coulson, they sedate him and the A.T.C.U.
takes him in. Nothing gets you nothing though, so Daisy and Mack go
along to the A.T.C.U. base to check on operations as part of their deal.
Coulson leaves to go help on the Ward manhunt.

A suspicious Mack and Daisy complain that they feel like they’re
just being led in circles while in the vehicle trailer. Maybe they are;
we will never know, because they don’t make it to the A.T.C.U. facility
before Lash breaks in and messes everything up again. He goes toe to toe
with Daisy and Daisy (mostly) wins; Frye is not so lucky. He questions
what Frye told them, and then sears a hole in his chest just like
everyone else. As Daisy passes out, she sees the shadow of Lash walking
away and then…transforming into a regular human, like a werewolf.

Well…that’s new. Did the writers forget he’s a comic book character?
With an origin already? This does raise the question that Lash could be
anyone, though. It could be you! It could be me!

wakes up in a medical facility, and they talk about what just happened.
Rosalind would like to speak to Coulson (of course). He’s on a mission
right now, though – one involving humans so it doesn’t involve the
May is gearing up to be Hunter’s
backup, with Coulson and others getting ready to be the backup backup.
(Because May needs backup. Psh.) Hunter’s mission is going smoothly,
until Ward shows up and recognizes him.

Wwwwwwoops. A gunfight ensues.
Means to the same end, I suppose. I’m sure Hunter isn’t complaining.

seems pretty confident in his ability to take out our ex-merc, until
May shows up. Then Ward seems a lot less certain of his abilities. He
decides to play his hand – he slides out his smartphone, with a live
feed of an unassuming Andrew surrounded by hidden armed HYDRA agents
(including Baby von Strucker) in a corner store. May hesitates. Hunter
reminds her that many more innocent lives are at stake, and May reminds
him that it’s ANDREW. If they agree to stand down, Ward will call it
off. If not, the timer is ticking.

In a moment
of spectacularly bad decision making, Hunter decides to run ahead and
try and shoot Ward anyway. And what do you know, he succeeds. He nicks
Ward with a bullet as he escapes out a window. Sure, he doesn’t kill
him, but he joins the long list of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who have
non-fatally shot Grant Ward. May then enters the room with the absolute
fury of hell in her eyes, glaring holes into Hunter. What’s got her all

Oh, right.

Back at the corner store, Andrew’s phone is ringing. It’s May! Of course, he doesn’t pick up, as the cellphone is lying next to his foot in a pool of blood. Werner von Strucker then runs out and blows up the building, definitively killing anyone inside. “We’ll talk after the mission”, my ass. Good job, Hunter! Hell hath no fury like a Cavalry scorned!

In our post-credits scene, Simmons decides to open up to Fitz. She needs to go back, and she’s going to tell him everything.



Overall, this episode continues the trend of a strong season 3. Nothing didn’t work or felt out of place, and Andrew’s shocking supposed death raises the stakes early in the season. I give it another solid 7/10.

– This season, Lincoln and Ward have not shared an episode. ARE WARD AND LINCOLN ONE AND THE SAME? (I’m kidding.)

– Popular theory is, Andrew ain’t dead. We only see a well-dressed gentlemen’s shoe and pants in a pool of blood next to his phone. There appears to be a well-dressed gentlemen in the background perusing the shop.

– Who is Lash? Let’s see who it can’t be. Daisy, Mack, Lincoln, Alisha, Coulson, Rosalind, Banks, and Hunter have all been seen either fighting Lash, or elsewhere while he is present. Also shown to be consistently elsewhere (though not while Lash was on screen) and can be reasonably excluded are Fitz, Simmons, Ward, Kebo, May, and Bobbi. (And May’s dad, but take your tinfoil off.) This leads to two possible theories:

– Lash is a wholly new character. Entirely possible, and makes him difficult to track.

– Lash is Andrew. His transformation is why he refused to contact May during her vacation. Andrew’s job is to judge Inhumans worthy for the Secret Warriors, and Lash (at least in the comics) considers himself the judge of whether or not Inhumans are worthy of life. The blood we see his phone lying in is a HYDRA agents, as he went all LASH SMASH when he was attacked. Werner tried to blow up the store to stop him. This also makes sense because the actress of Rosalind strongly hinted that someone will be revealed as an Inhuman in episode 6 (titled Among Us Hide… in reference to their original appearance, Among Us Hide The Inhumans), and Blair Underwood is listed for that episode despite Garner supposedly being dead. I’m not sure I fully support this theory, but it holds weight. Let’s see what happens.