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Happy #TLCTuesday! Are you wearing your best completely clear top? I know I am! Is it me, or has the move to Hulu improved on an already wonderful television show? Three episodes in and The Mindy Project writers are on fire, bringing us tighter and funnier episodes. This week Mindy settled into motherhood in the most hilarious way possible, while Danny was at his most neurotic. This combination made an episode that might otherwise be seen as a “filler” episode extra special.

Leo Castellano is my Son sees Mindy and Danny bringing home baby. Unfortunately for Mindy, Danny has done some baby-proofing, and, given his belief that his son shouldn’t use screens before his 18th birthday, there are no televisions, no computers and no wireless internet to keep Mindy occupied. When a loud neighbor (Chelsea, played by Eliza Coupe) keeps the couple from sleeping, they must confront her in person since they no longer have the TV to drown her out. The confrontation goes nowhere, as Danny asks her to dial it down “a few shades of grey” and she refuses to give into the demands of a few “smug breeders.”

When Danny returns to work, Mindy begins her maternity leave in earnest, alone with her darling son, who seems to sleep away the day in the most boring fashion. Not even a care package from Danny (full of books? It’s all package and no care!) can keep her occupied, and she resorts to writing thank you cards and reading the newspaper before she eventually defies Danny’s rules by taking Leo out of the house before he has had his vaccinations. (“What are the chances that Jake Gyllenhaal has rubella? Like 30% max”). Comically, she accidentally locks herself out of the apartment with Leo inside, and must turn to her noisy neighbor for assistance. Together, Mindy and Chelsea climb back into the apartment from the balcony (“I’m coming for you, Leo!”).

And so Mindy and Chelsea bond as Chelsea admits that she secretly wants what Mindy has. (“You want to settle down? I thought you were slutty for modern female empowerment reasons, not for old-fashioned sad ones.”)

As a thank you for her assistance, Mindy sets Chelsea up with Morgan.
Several times this week I have heard viewers refer to Chelsea as the Ethel to Mindy’s Lucy, and it’s such an apt description. I hope that Coupe will return in future episodes for the kind of over-the-top hijinks that we saw here. I think the show would benefit from Mindy having a new girlfriend.

Later in the episode, Mindy and Danny are again disturbed from their sleep, hearing Chelsea through the walls, this time with Morgan. Danny is angered to hear Chelsea mention that Mindy took Leo out of the house in defiance of his rules. Mindy is even more shocked to hear Morgan reveal that Danny has installed a nanny cam in their apartment! After a blowout fight (how adorable was Danny’s “I’m trying to have a fight with my WIFE” comment?), Mindy heads to the bar for a drink. There, she confronts a pair of creepy businessmen bragging about lying to their wives so they can avoid their responsibilities at home. Their behavior makes Mindy realize that she is lucky to have a partner who takes such a loving interest in their son, and Mindy returns home to resolve the disagreement with Danny. I appreciate that Mindy is able to assert herself here and explain that she has to mother Leo in her own way. And I welcome Danny’s apology, especially since he comes to it without prompting from a third party. Yay, character development!

Elsewhere, we revisit Jeremy’s relationship with Whitney. When Tamra overhears Whitney on the phone with a mystery man, she assumes that Whitney is cheating on Jeremy and lets him know the traditional way – via text message. Jeremy is devastated and confronts Whitney, only to find out that she’s not cheating on him, but instead is throwing a surprise party for a co-worker. Tamra vows to stay out of her co-workers’ business (even when she catches Whitney in the bathroom doing cocaine!): “Mind your business, Tamra.” The Tamra/Jeremy pairing is one that we haven’t seen often, and I hope that we see it again soon. And I LOVED the voice cameo by Laverne Cox as Sheena! More of that, please!

Finally, I adore Mindy’s new-mom style! The Bedhead pineapple print pajamas (with matching cap and onesie for Leo!) were so charming. Bravo, Sal Perez!

Favorite one-liners:

Behold, one day all this will be yours. – Mindy to Leo

I was literally raised on TV and I turned out perfect. – Mindy

How can such a beautiful boy, come from such a crazy mother? – Danny (speaking Italian)

That’s sweet, but we are saying “daddy” and “mommy”. None of this, like, Papa, Mama,  European bull jive, okay? We’re Americans. – Mindy

Go out and make us some money, okay? I have very expensive habits.  – Mindy to Danny

Certainly has a lot of the N-word like a Kanye song. Oh no, but it has a message like a Common song. No, thank you. – Mindy

Your job is interesting! I hate working at the White House. – Sheena’s text message to Tamra

I went and picked you up one of those sandwiches you like with all the leaves inside of it.” “Lettuce?” – Mindy and Danny

Do I like Leo right now? No, I don’t.  But I will learn to love him and he will learn to love me. – Morgan

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