When we last left Abigail and
Ichabod in the Season 2 finale (how awesome was that btw?!), Abbie had
travelled back in time to convince past-Ichabod that they were going to become
partners in the future and about their mission. They team up with none other
than Benjamin Franklin to face-off against Katrina who was this season’s villain.
I have to admit, there was a moment when I didn’t really expect her to be but
that’s another thing that this show does incredibly well, it throws you in one
direction and you think you’ve got it figured out and then surprise you with
something you least expect. There were some conflicts in this episode I thought
made it a really interesting finale because it had a lot of parallels to the
pilot episode of season 1.

In this heart stopping season
finale Just like Ichabod, Abbie is now the one who finds herself stuck in a
time she is unfamiliar with. Being a coloured young woman in 17th
century America she faces the problem with not being taken seriously and this
leads to some complicated situations which are dealt with cleverly and eloquently.
Throughout the episode Abbie also realises the struggles Ichabod had to
overcome when he woke up in the 21st century.

Another aspect of this episode I
enjoyed was how clearly you could tell the difference between past-Ichabod and
present-Ichabod. The character development throughout the past two seasons
really shone through and that final scene at Frederick’s Manor was just gold. At
the end of the episode, which was by the way appropriately entitled “Tempus Fugit”, Katrina eventually dies
by the hands of Ichabod.

I’ve always liked Sleepy Hollow for
the reason that it has been brilliant at using a diverse cast with excellent
dynamics amongst each other and this episode showed that really well.