Hello Everyone! Welcome to TGON Plays! In light of this game’s sequel being released later this year, I want to enlighten you all on a VERY VERY important game…Tomb Raider.

Tomb raider has been with all of us for generations, and when you think of it, your mind always drifts back to the very first game, where Lara Croft’s character was originally introduced.

Now we all know Lara Croft as the sexy British bombshell of an adventurer who seeks knowledge across the oceans. We’ve all seen her encounter the supernatural, and have even enjoyed her character in the live-action movies. (Praise be to Angelina Jolie.) But how did one of the world’s most popular gun-toting heroine get onto this path of bad-assery and Archaeology? The 2013 release of Tomb Raider shows us just what happened.

Lara Croft, a 21 year old, Fresh-out-of-college Archaeologist, has gathered a ship and crew to search for the lost city of Yamatai, said to be in the seas west of Japan. Accompanied by her best friend, Sam Nishimura, a supposed direct descendant of Yamatai’s Sun Queen Himiko, Lara persuades the crew to travel east of Japan, into the Dragon’s Triangle.

After taking Lara’s advice and changing course, the ship is caught in a severe storm and gets destroyed. The crew is violently cast into the sea, only to wash up on the very shores of Yamatai.

The storm sets off a series of events that Lara, in all her investigative curiosity, is determined to solve. For example, was the storm somehow intentional? Did they purposely end up on this island? And if so, what purpose could they serve by washing up on the island?

The people on the island, shipwrecked as well, believe the Sun Queen to be real, and that their only hope of escape is to release Himiko and get into her good graces. Lara is forced into battle when she finds Sam kidnapped by the islander’s leader, Mathias. He believes only the blood relative of Himiko Will release her and intends to sacrifice Sam to gain his freedom. In order to save her friends, will Lara stop the worshippers from murdering Sam on a vendetta revolving around an immortal Queen? Or will she fall into the belief of Himiko and sacrifice one life to save the lives of many?

This game shows Lara as fresh-faced and innocent, and as you progress through the island, you get to see how battle-hardened she becomes, and how she becomes more willing to do what’s necessary. When I first bought Tomb Raider, I played it 2 times in a row simply because the story was so mind-boggling.

Tomb Raider is available on MAC, PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, and XBOX One, and its sequel, Rise Of The Tomb Raider is set to release later this year. Once it’s released, and I get my grubby little fingers on it, you guys can expect a review over it. (I believe it comes out in November, and I cannot flippin’ wait!)

That’s all I have for you this week, thanks for reading!