Shannon: YAY! It’s finally here! I can’t wait to see what Warner Bros is about to unleash! I need to know some details on Season 4 of Arrow. Let’s be real, Olicity all the way! I also can’t wait to finally get some news on Doctor Who and Sherlock! This wait is killing me! xo

Tyler: I’m ready for the Lucasfilm panel. Nothing can compare to the joy I’m going feel getting new info about the future of the Star Wars franchise. I’m also really excited for the FX panel because they are going to be talking about The Bastard Executioner. I have been obsessively wondering what Kurt Sutter has up his sleeve for this show after wrapping up Sons of Anarchy.

Marcos: The Marvel Television Panel is what I’m mostly looking forward to this weekend. I’m very assured that Marvel is taking care of things in their Phase 3 film plans, but I want to see what the future holds in the television world. I want to see where Agent Carter will go and what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to with the Inhumans plot. I really want to see the casting, group picture, or concept art for The Defenders. I feel Netfilx is a great foundation for Marvel TV projects and want to see them lay down a timeline as they been doing for their film phases.

Jasmine: Muppets and Supernatural. Give it to me.

Rachel: The Game of Thrones panel! I demand answers to the rumors about a certain bastard getting resurrected next season. I’m looking forward to EW’s Women Who Kick Ass panel, with heroines like Agent Carter and Katniss Everdeen gracing the screens this year they’ve got incredible content to work with. I’m also looking forward to seeing what gorgeous creation my favourite cosplayer, Yaya Han, has concocted.

Charlie: I’m most excited to see the Game of Thrones Q&A. After that season finale who WOULDN’T be dying for answers? I also want to see The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead panels. Let’s be honest, I’m more than thrilled to see all the new cosplays that people will be bringing out. These kids are extremely talented and dedicated. I can’t wait to see what costumes they’ve cooked up.

What are you most excited to see at SDCC?